N.E.R.D. "Hot-N-Fun" Featuring FriendsWithYou Tricked Out Rolls-Royce

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The video has been out for a bit, but just in case you haven't noticed N.E.R.D.'s new video for their track "Hot-N-Fun" features a custom painted Rolls-Royce by local art collective FriendsWithYou. Pharrell Williams said to MTV, "We told them we wanted something that was psychedelic, something that paid homage to the Beatles' Yellow Submarine and the Magical Mystery Tour." We only wish the track was as inspiring as the FriendsWithYou design. No doubt you'll be hearing it non-stop in the clubs, but it has some of most superficial and banal lyrics we've ever heard. "Look at you, look at me." Yeah, we're looking and we aren't impressed.

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