Off With Their Heads Brings that Old-Time Punk Rock to Churchill's Tonight!

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​Ahh... Epitaph Records, the house that Bad Religion built, the house that the Offspring financed, before the weirdness began. Label head Brett Gurewitz took his monies and "diversified," creating pettiness and confusion across the vast studded fields of punkdom. 

Whatever. Taking on acts from alternative hip-hop, post-hardcore, and the vilified emo only brought Epitaph more success and more whiny cries from its old punk fan base.

Boo-hoo-motherfucking-hoo, ya big babies!

Gurewitz did set up plenty of sub-labels (ANTI-, Hellcat) that have kept peddling that Southern California sound. But the label's latest signing, Off With Their Heads, finally won back the hearts of the punk snobs. The band's In Desolation LP, released earlier this year, has since garnered a bevy of positive reviews.

For those with an eye on Florida, Off With Their Heads also put out a pair of awesome albums and couple of seven-inches on Gainesville's first-rate No Idea Records, so you should check those out, too. In the meantime, nobody's promising Mr. Brett's gonna work it so that his catalog looks again like it did in the early 90's, but for you purist cry-babies out there, this is a return to form of sorts. Check out Off With Their Heads at Churchll's tonight.

Off with Their Heads. With the Fake Boys, Unit 6, and the Ridicules. Friday, July 2. Churchill's, 5501 NE 2nd Ave., Miami. Tickets cost $8 in advance from; age 18 and up. 305-757-1807;

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