Porn Star-Turned-Actress Sasha Grey at Louis Saturday

Don't expect Sasha Grey to be this bare at Louis tomorrow.
I love Sasha Grey. Not in the creepy guy-who-stalks-porn-stars kind of way. I truly think she's becoming a post-modern feminist icon. Some may disagree because pornography is often considered inherently misogynistic. But I'm not always sure Grey does porn because she wants to get men off, as much as she just likes having sex.

Polarizing as she may be, she's definitely taken the crown from Jenna Jameson as the mainstream's porn star darling. Mainly because she does have some sort of talent beyond taking it in various orifices. Her mainstream crossover occurred in 2009 when she starred in Steven Soderberg's film The Girlfriend Experience as Christine, an escort in New York. Not really a stretch, but Grey didn't exactly get panned by critics either.

Her latest dip into the mainstream is occurring on this season's Entourage where she plays herself (again, not really a stretch) in a multi-episode arch as Vincent's love interest.

Normally, we only get an influx of porn stars when Exxxotica is in town, but Grey has transcended the "porn star" label. She'll be at Louis tomorrow night for a special DJ set (feel free to ask me how I feel about celebrities pretending to be DJs). Don't expect a killer set from Grey, but do bask the light of feminism's new icon -- however fucked up that may be.

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