Free Music: Strangers Family Band, Playing Roofless Records' Strange Days 3 at Bar on Thursday

​This Thursday's free show at Bar continues Roofless Records' ongoing series at the venue showcasing the best of, well, the strange. That's strangely good, though. No matter how left-field Roofless' performer picks may seem, they never devolve into the kind of clatter, of say, "experimental noise" or whatever else along those lines. There is always a melodic method to the madness, underneath it all.

This time around, the show kicks off a weekend of Roofless-themed events. (The label is sponsoring a book release and art show on Saturday at the End Gallery in the Design District, and then a Sunday-afternoon brunch at Sweat Records featuring a live performance by the President.) 

The out-of-towners this time around, Strangers Family Band, come all the way from Orlando. There they ply their trade with a sunburned, pitch-perfect take on late-'60s psychedelia that sounds like a series of outtakes from a Nuggets boxed set. Hit the jump to download the band's new EP. 

Representing South Florida, meanwhile, are West Palm's Tumbleweave, a duo that spews a sort of chiptune sound, made more aggressive by live drums. 

Then there's Lauderdale's Mz.Ologist, a sort of avant-garde poetry/hip-hop act, and finally, Miami's own Single, who is, in fact, a solo artiste manning tape loops and other effects wizardry. 

We've also got to give a shout-out to the between-set DJ on the bill, just for his name: King Pubert.

Strange Days #3. With Strangers Family Band, Mz. Ologist, Tumblewave, and Single. 10 p.m. Thursday, July 29. Bar, 28 NE 14th St., Miami. Admission is free; age 21 and up; 305-633-9345;

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