T.I. and Tiny's Wedding: More Details; Ceremony Wasn't At Star Island

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Well, yesterday when we were busy spreading the gossip about rapper T.I.'s wedding to longtime girlfriend, singer/TV star Tiny, we were going off other supposed eyewitness reports. Turns out, everybody else was wrong, according to an anonymous tipster who was actually there.

The Saturday ceremony (which followed Friday's "official" courthouse wedding) was not, in fact, at Star Island. (We feel ashamed for going on what out-of-towners said.) It was actually much more remote than that, at a private residence in far Homestead -- so far that it doesn't show up on Google Street View, which we just tried. Oh well.
In any event, the venue was said to be a huge mansion complete with a moat surrounding the house (!). And that horse-drawn carriage? That wasn't for the actual wedding. That was used to transport the bride and groom to the reception, as fireworks went off.

Also, Jamie Foxx performed at the ceremony, which we're told ran three hours late.

Take a look at photos from the wedding again over at Rap-Up.


T.I., Tiny

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Wedding Photographer
Wedding Photographer

Wow nice this is a wonderful wedding because of the carriage I like it. : )

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