Junior Bruce's Self-Titled EP Is an Explosion of Hardcore Metal and Horny Toads

junior bruce.jpg
Horny toadzzz!!!
Junior Bruce
Self-Titled EP

The newest breed of Floridian metalhead is a bunch of savvy mothers! These are the righteous bearers of the torch ignited in the '80s and then kept lit by the awesome sludge and power violence scenes of the '90s.

Now meet Junior Bruce, a prime example hailing out of that Central Florida grey zone near Orlando and Deland, where awesome and unspeakable acts live side-by-side.

On Bruce's Self-Titled EP, you'll find three tracks, clocking at a quarter-hour. It's pure blistering hardcore, packed with screams, blast beats, and heavy, monotone riffage. And I mean "monotone" in the best possible way. Sometimes you just need some shit droned into you, you need a riff to propagate itself over some serious rhythm.

This is serious business. Alongside their brothers and sister in arms, Hollow Leg and Shroud Eater, I'm feeling a return to basics here. It's the kind of metal rager where things are honest and devoid of bullshit. Plus, these guys have learned a new trick or two along the way: There are some good psych elements here, like on the second abrasive number "Churchburner" and the closer "Book of Tyranny."

These guys need to get themselves into a studio pronto and unleash a full-length effort, because this EP isn't enough. Enjoy a little live video of the opener below.

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