The Rising Brings Ya Boi Chad, Wrekonize, J NiCS, and S.T.S to Transit Lounge This Thursday

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What do you get when a clothing brand decides to branch out into the realm of music? It all depends on the clothing brand in question.

If we're talking about Brooks Brothers, the result could very well be a rousing soundtrack to your badminton match. When we're talking about Last Rights, the resulting foray is pretty much guaranteed to involve some bad ass hip hop shows. But owner Joe Cinnante is quick to point out that Last Rights is as much a lifestyle company as a purveyor of fine duds. "We have always been heavily involved in production, photography, graphic design, fine art, video production/ direction, etc.," he says. "So the expansion only makes sense."

And if you heeded our own Dro's recommendation to check out the first installment of Last Rights' showcase series The Rising, back in late July, you already know what's up. Well, this week The Rising returns with its second installment.

Cinnante's promising a killer show featuring Ya Boi Chad of Jam Squad, backed by Rick Ross' DJ Sam Sneak, down and dirty realist J NiCS, Wrekonize of ¡MAYDAY!, and Atlanta transplant to Philly S.T.S, who's managed to make his way in with The Roots and will be backed by none other than Miami's own Ketchy Shuby. "It was only right," says Cinnante. "We couldn't invite a member of The Roots to perform, and not have a live band on stage with him."

As we said before, the event will be the second in an ongoing series, intended more than anything to provide an open platform for talented hip hop acts to put on display what they do. "There is a big void in South Florida when it comes to live Hip Hop shows," Cinnante says. "There is a very high caliber of artist here, and we felt it was necessary to at least offer a place for people to be able to see them perform live. We also will include some out of town artists every so often in order to keep building the show."

The Rising takes place at Transit Lounge (729 SW 1 Ave.) this coming Thursday, Sept. 9. Visit for more info.

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