Blowfly for President Is an Ode to Patriotism, Chitlins, and Birth Control

Blowfly says: "Vote!"

Blowfly for President
(Oops! Records)

Well, it was about time that we reared our ugly, record-collecting, pretentious-asshole heads on the one and only Clarence Reid, otherwise known as Blowfly! Over the last eight years or so, Blowfly's been enjoying a bit of a comeback with a whole new international audience of funksters, punks, and hipsters thanks to the dedicated efforts of former New Times scribe Tom Bowker. He might have been born in Georgia, but Reid's all Miami.

I have long held the perspective that the United States of America has had three black presidents and one unofficial black prez. The real ones are without a doubt Thomas Jefferson, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama. The unofficial prez, elected by savvy listeners in 1988, was President Blowfly. With his platform of chitlins on every table and birth control in every purse, President Blowfly deviated from his usual funky disco style of music for dated, late-'80s, synth-heavy urban pop.

Not that it detracts from his parodies and genial dirty mind. No one is above the law here. His musical skits amid the regular tracks paint a free-balling, cocaine-snorting, pussy-eating, equal-opportunity-fucking Presidential. But the joke here is it kind of not-so-subtly portrays the political arena of the '80s. Plus, Reid is actually a lifelong teetotaler. Never judge a fly by his costume.

The skits work better than usual hip-hop skits because they are musical pieces of their own, delivered in his signature ghetto sprechgesang. Fun tracks to play at the next bingo jamboree at the old folk's home include "Super Macho Prick," "Hung Prick," and "Lip Smackin' Lips." For the kids, you have "Blowfly's ABC's" and "T.W.B.N (The World's Baddest Nigger)." Socially conscious types will find a like-mind in the title track and "Fuck Wars." And partiers who just wanna shake their asses while laughing will get their kicks with "X-Rated Pussy," "Pop the Cherry," "Pussy Whipped," and "Burnin' Pussy."

Meanwhile, the actual album Blowfly for President was released on CD by Oops! Records in 1999, featuring some of the aforementioned tracks as bonuses. It was originally pressed by the progressive folks in Germany's BCM Records, who really, really wanted a Barack-styled situation back in 1988. They released it as an LP (#33241) and CD (#50241). Then Oops! did the American version of the LP back in '88 with catalogue number (LP-3006) and put forth the disc in 1999 (Ooops! 3006-2).

This classic is still in print with favorable pricing on both the LP and CD. It will make a nice addition to your collection. You can even claim you got it way back in the day and you were an Obama backer before the current prez ever dreamt of the Oval Office. So show your patriotism! Get some chitlins! Buy some birth control!

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