Top Five Dad Rock Bands and the Dads Who Love Them

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Every dad hides out at the Hotel California.
We all have dads. Some of us don't know our daddies, but it's the undeniable truth that we all have fathers, and almost all of them listen to some type of dad-rock band.

When you type "dad rock" into Wikipedia, you will be redirected to the "classic rock" section. In other words, this particular kind of music is old stuff that talks a lot about smoking reefer, makin' love to momma, and bucking the Man.

Now here is our definitive list of dad rock bands. Consult it the next time you meet someone's father (or maybe your own?) and you flip through his record collection. You will know immediately what kind of daddy you're dealing with.

5. The Eagles
Every fucking dad listens to the Eagles. No matter how much we HATE this band, "Hotel California" will always hold a place near to father's heart. We even know old Thai guys who still crank up some Eagles tunes.

4. Led Zeppelin
This dad really knew how to party. He liked his riffs big and his lead singers without a shirt. I get it ... Zeppelin rules! But just like seeing Robert Plant still rocking long hair and an open shirt at 65 makes everyone around him cringe, the same goes when dad tells his "Zeppelin at the Mayfair Ballroom" story for the billionth time.

3. AC/DC
This dad loved to go to strip clubs in the '80s, and still loves to go to strip clubs now. Sad.   

2. Def Leppard
Another ultimate dad-at-the-strip-club band, but this dad also really enjoys doing coke off strippers asses while "Pour Some Sugar on Me" blares in the background.

1. Creedence Clearwater Revival
Your dad used to get drunk to this band in college. You got drunk to this band college. In fact, John Fogerty is the one man who can bridge the generation gap between father and son -- two very different but equally destructive drunks who want nothing more than to relive their youth.

-- Yakov Israel

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