Jay-Z Is a Billionaire, Booze Magnate, Bing Man, and Writer of Books

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Ben Baker/Redux For Forbes via forbes.com
Jay-Z and Warren Buffett share a delicious money milkshake.
When you've conquered the world of music, vodka, nightlife, fashion, and then been named as the heir apparent to the Forbes 400 (i.e. you've got more than $1 billion to your name), we can only ask, "What's next? The Oval Office? A one-man mission to the moon? Time travel?"

Well, no, not yet. For Jay-Z (AKA Jigga Man, AKA Hova, AKA Sean Shawn Carter), the man has decided to become a writer of books.

Last week, the music man invaded Miami at the Delano South Beach to show exactly what his new partnership with Bing is all about. For his book, "Decoded," fans can search Jay's life and lyrics using Bing to find the very location that inspired them. Do we suggest heading over to his childhood home in the Marcy Housing Projects in Brooklyn? Umm ... Maybe the Delano (also featured in the book) is a better option.

Stacey Russell
Jay-Z looks lonely. But he's smiling on the inside, believe us.

At the media-only event, some pretty big names came out to support the new literary star. His officially pregnant wifey, Beyonce Knowles, just stood among the crowd like a normal guest while Tracy Mourning (wife of Alonzo), Miami Social's Ariel Stein, megaproducer Jim Jonsin, and Dave Matthews Band's (and new South Florida resident) trumpet player Rashawn Ross wandered the grounds.

And as Hova walked around showing off the book's Miami-themed page, he took pictures with fans, hugged patrons, and gave smiles to whoever shot one his way. For some reason, when most stars hit his level, some kind of douche magic takes over. (We would know. We've interviewed them.) But all the rumors about Jigga's niceness are actually true. Go figure.

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