LCD Soundsystem Afterparty With Overthrow Tonight at Florida Room

Will it be you, James Murphy, spinning tonight at Florida Room?
Going to the LCD Soundsystem show tonight at the Fillmore? Well, the party don't stop after the house lights have be turned on. Head on over to the Florida Room where Overthrow is hosting the concert after-party. Also on the bill: "DFA DJs." Who will it be? James Murphy perhaps? Gavin Russom, who is part of the live band? Maybe it's former Poplife DJ and current DFA personnel Matt Cash? Perhaps it could be all three!

We aren't sure because no one is saying anything. The only people confirmed on the bill are Overthrow regulars Señor Stereo, Tamara Sky, and Troy Kurtz -- we love you guys, but understand our excitement for the mysterious here.

The party is free for anyone with a concert ticket. Didn't score any tickets and hoping to go tonight as a consolation prize? RSVP to to get on the list. Hurry, because we are certain the list is probably closing soon.

And brownie points to the first person who reveals who the secret DFA DJs are!

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