Rick Ross Impersonator A+ Takes Officer Ricky to YouTube

Officer Ricky goes deeper than snacks!
There's no doubt that Miami loves some Ricky Ross, AKA the Boss, the Teflon Don, the King of the Carol City Cartel. Yet deep down, we were all still a bit mortified when we found out that Mr. William Leonard Roberts II once served as a correctional officer at a Florida prison facility for 18 months in the early '90s. It's a fact that most diehard fans would like to just ignore.

After denying and then painfully admitting that he was indeed Officer Ricky at one point or another, the onslaught began.

In walks North Miami rapper A+ (Plus), whose impeccable Rick Ross impersonation has catapulted him and his crew, WickLow Entertainment, into YouTube stardom. Comprised of A+ and four other local hip-hop MCs, all from North Miami, this collective has been making music and dropping tracks since 2004. Yet with so much hustling and grinding, it was Wicklow's Officer Ricky creation that finally launched them into the big leagues, scoring internet fame and a huge following.

"We never imagined it blowing up like it did," Plus says. "One night, my boys were ragging on me about how I look like Rick Ross and so we took out the video camera and did a couple spoofs. It came out funnier than we thought!"

Now, with more than 20 Officer Ricky clips and close to a million views, Plus and his team have found themselves with new fame and notable fans. "50 Cent gave us a call personally, saying how he really liked our stuff," says Plus. "It was during that whole 50-Ross beef. He loved it so much that he posted it on his website and everything."

And any hatemail from Rick Ross himself? "Not at all. In fact, I like some of his music. I'm sure if I met him, we'd joke about it. He seems like a laid-back dude."

Plus's day trade is becoming a mortician. ("That profession will never die," Plus says, no pun intended.) But now he's got a new calling in comedy. "I'm professionally pursuing doing stand-up. I thought, 'Why not?' I'm pretty funny. I make people laugh. It seems like a natural fit."

You can catch Officer Ricky every Thursday nights at Mahogany Grille (www.tmgmiami.com) in Miami Gardens. Let's just hope he doesn't arrest you.

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