Pitbull Pimps Kodak Cameras, Hangs With Trey Songz and Drake, and Big Ups the 305

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pitbull so kodak.jpg
Don't try to adjust your television screen: Yes, that is Miami native Pitbull hocking cameras to the public. But has Mr. 305 sold out? Will he go the way of Shaq and start doing Icy Hot and Comcast commercials? We hope not.

What makes these commercials kinda cool is the Miami plugs. Over the course of three commercials, Pitbull says "Miami" or "305" a couple of times and even manages to get the MIA's area code stamped next to his signature at the end of the ad. Plus, Pit shows off his key to Miami, talks about "the fine women" here, and big ups our city's nightlife.

Don't believe us? Check out all the Miami love after the jump.

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