We Didn't Go to MGMT, But We Heard It Was Amazing!

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Photo by Ian Witlen
At approximately 8 p.m. last night, a totally sold-out crowd of indie chick jailbait, brainy head-bobbers, and jocks in silkscreened black hoodies overran the Fillmore Miami Beach in anticipation of MGMT's impending psych-pop explosion.

In fact, the place was so freaking packed that Crossfade couldn't even smuggle a reviewer into the show. We did, however, successfully slip our photographer Ian Witlen past the authorities.

And so, in lieu of our usual first-hand review, Crossfade has brought you back some photos (and a full MGMT slideshow) as well as some anecdotes, quotes, and other bits of interesting hearsay.

Photo by Ian Witlen
The opening act was Kuroma, an indie crew led by Hank Sullivant who used to play guitar as part of MGMT's touring band. Consider it a spinoff band of sorts.

Photo by Ian Witlen
By all accounts, the amassed fanatics were in a "dancing mood." So much so that one of Crossfade's spies overheard a 30-year-old meathead lament: "Dude, I just started this new workout called P90X and it feels like my abs are on fire. I don't know how I'm going to dance to this."

Photo by Ian Witlen
A couple of other odd occurrences: (1) Crowd members playing catch with glow-in-the-dark mini-Frisbees; and (2) Psychedelic female warriors with faces all slashed up by stripes of neon war paint.

Photo by Ian Witlen
If Twitter (or ense12) can be believed, then the "Mgmt concert yesterday was the best!" Other less dubious sources of information have confirmed this critical assessment, though. We've heard plenty of things like, "I've seen them before and they weren't as good the last time."

Photo by Ian Witlen
Finally, if you're into such things, here's MGMT's official setlist. We're not saying that those Brooklynites necessarily stuck to script. But this was the initial plan.

MGMT Setlist:
-"Time to Pretend"
-"Flash Delirium"
-"Weekend Wars"
-"Song for Dan Treacy"
-"Of Moons, Birds, and Monsters"
-"The Youth"
-"It's Working"
-"Electric Feel"
-"The Handshake"
-"Indie Rockers"
-"Siberian Breaks"

-"Brian Eno"

And now a video of "Kids"!

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