Ten Hot Chicks Playing the Miami Music Festival

Vivian Girls lead.jpg
Nacho via Myspace
Vivian Girls
​It's common knowledge that women always find average-looking dudes inexplicably more attractive when said guy plays an instrument or fronts a band. That's why many of us bought guitars in the first place. But does the same rule apply for female artists also? We think so.

Listen, if it's okay for women to swoon over male rock stars and flash their nips mid-set, then it's okay for us to compile a list of hot female performers scheduled to grace the stages at this year's Miami Music Festival. From R&B to indie post-punk to folk-pop, every genre is represented. Consider this a mini-guide of sorts.
Gerne: Pop
Playing: The Grove Spot; Friday, November 12, at 10pm 
Maria Zouroudis.jpg
Genre: Pop/Jazz
Playing: The Soul of Miami Stage; Friday, November 12, at 11pm 
Cat Shell.jpg
Genre: R&B
Playing: Tangia; Friday, November 12, 10pm
Selena Jordan.jpg
Genre: Folk/Blues
Playing: Flavour; Friday November 12, at 10pm
Kaleigh Baker (hau tran photography via Myspace) .jpg
Hau Tran via Myspace
Genre: Pop/Folk
Playing: Yuca, Friday; November 12, at 9pm
Alicia Lemke.jpg
Genre: Post Punk/Shoegaze
Playing: The Stage; November 12, at 1am
Pocket of Lollipops.jpg
Genre: Pop/Blues
Playing: Transit Lounge; November 13, at 9pm
tara priya.jpg
Tara Priya
Genre: Acoustic/Latin
Playing: Bardot; Friday, November 12, at 10pm
Liset Alea .jpg
Photo by Serg Alexander/eyeworksproduction.com
Genre: Punk/Surf
Playing: Gemma; Saturday, November 13, at 12:30am
Vivian Girls via Nacho Myspace.jpg
Nacho via Myspace

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