Frank Turner Invites Crossfade Backstage at Social Distortion's Fillmore Show

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Photo by Ian Witlen
Folk-punk Frank Turner.
One of the perks of being a concert photographer is sometimes you'll luck into a behind-the-scenes pass. You'll get to mingle (very briefly) with rock stars. Partake in a few ounces of free booze. And high-five beautiful groupies.

Anyway, Saturday was one of those "sometimes" for Crossfade photo guy Ian Witlen. The way he puts it: "British folk-punk musician Frank Turner was kind enough to invite me backstage for a drink and chat about the last few days on the road with Social Distortion and Lucero."

Check the cut for Ian's candid snapshots and even more candid captions.

Photo by Ian Witlen
As one might expect in a musician's dressing room, almost all the available counter space was covered with empty beer bottles.

Photo by Ian Witlen
As Frank's tour manager Casey grabs a beer, he cracked a joke that filled the room with giggles.

Photo by Ian Witlen

Photo by Ian Witlen
While pouring a beer, Frank remarks that he'd rather be drinking whiskey. But alas, the bottle was empty.

Photo by Ian Witlen
Pointing to my camera, Frank jokingly asks if I'm going to keep shooting or if I'm going to drink.

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The Fillmore Miami Beach

1700 Washington Ave., Miami Beach, FL

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