Miami's Five Best Electronic Dance Music DJ Crews of 2010

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Although Miami's hosted WMC for decades and booked commercial DJ heavyweights at megaclubs like Space for years, it's only recently that there's been a steady influx of quality underground EDM bookings. And if 2010 was any indication, you could almost say the MIA is starting to become an electronic music mecca on par with NYC, London, and Berlin.

Numerous venues, promoters, and DJs have contributed to fostering our burgeoning EDM scene this year. But there's just a handful of crews that really made 2010 special. They threw highly memorable, intimate parties every week while hosting some of the greatest stars of the international EDM underground, from house and techno, to dubstep and bass.

Now on the cusp of the new year, Crossfade caught up with Miami's five best DJ crews to get their mission statements, 2010 highlights, and a few resolutions.

The Electric Pickle Co.
The Electric Pickle is not just a venue, but the conceptual musical brainchild of Miami DJs Will Renuart and Tomas Ceddia. Along with international booking partner Clarisse Monahan and DJ/marketing director Inbal Lankry, they've earned a die-hard following through uncompromising commitment to musical quality and unpretentious good vibes. Unlike the commercial business model of most club owners in this town, these guys are genuinely in it for the music, and it shows. This year alone they booked everyone from old-school legends Greg Wilson and Doc Martin to contemporary favorites like Justin Martin and Henrik Schwarz, not to mention stellar lineups during WMC and Art Basel. As resident DJs they also provided a banging underground house music soundtrack that made the Pickle the only place to be for local house heads.

Mission Statement
"Mission statement... sounds very serious. Rule #1: Don't take any of this too serious. Rule #2: Don't be a douchebag. Rule #3: When encountering a douchebag, disarm him/her with humor and kindness. Rule #4: Bringing to Miami the best in dance music, presented in an unpretentious atmosphere, with no prejudice and great attention to quality sound."

2010 Highlights
"Fuck Art Let's Dance 2010 during Art Basel. This party was just one of those nights where everything was perfectly aligned: a beautiful, funky crowd from all over the world that was 100% committed to having a good time combined, with my personal favorite DJ Harvey, who just killed it! Not to mention Damian Lazarus and the entire crew from the Wolf + Lamb record label. I got like a hundred calls and e-mails the next day with people saying what an amazing night it was, like "dude, that was the best fuckin' party I've been to in my life!"

New Year's Resolutions
"I don't do resolutions... too much pressure. You're setting your self up for almost certain failure."

-- Tomas Ceddia

Comprised of DJs Alejandro Sab, Basti, Michael Christopher, and creative sidekick Rebecca Lange, the PL0T crew were at the forefront of Miami's underground techno and house scene throughout 2010. Their Friday night sessions at the Electric Pickle were elegant, sultry affairs boasting some of the most forward-thinking sounds in transatlantic EDM. Memorable bookings included Seth Troxler, Ryan Elliot, Lee Foss, and Wolf + Lamb.

Mission Statement
"Imitation never, always forward! Conceptually we're not just about throwing great parties but rather engaging our crowd in memorable experiences they'll retain (hopefully) forever. Musically we only move forward. We push genre boundaries and we only book forward-thinking artists we truly believe in, both established and up-and-coming. This philosophy and the sound that comes with it, is obviously something you experience every night courtesy of our resident DJs."

2010 Highlights
"There are several. Best party: PL0T presents "The Wolf + Lamb Experience" in January with Gadi Mizrahi, Soul Clap, Shaun Reeves, and the debut of Nicolas Jaar! It was the first time Miami got a real dose of W+L. Both rooms were packed. Downstairs Soul Clap rocked an extended five-hour set while upstairs Gadi and Shaun did their usual magic. But the highlight of the night was Nicolas Jaar's live performance! By 1 a.m. the club was packed with people from all over the state and out of state. And those who stayed 'til "late" (or rather early) got to really experience what PL0T is all about. It was simply remarkable. Best DJ Set: Dyed Soundorom in July -- amazing performance by Dyed. Kept the party going 'til late with a mix of house and techno, old and new-school jams that we just couldn't get enough of. He is definitely one of our favorite DJs and will be back next year. We can't wait. Best turnout: Seth Troxler in August. Seth has played for us every year since we started in 2007. Each year he gets better and people just seem to love him more and more. This year was one for the books. Outside, people were waiting in lines a block long. Inside, people were dancing in every single corner of the club -- stairs, chairs, tables, etc., all enjoying one of the top sets of the year. That night the A/C went down, but that didn't stop anyone from having a wonderful time and dancing their asses off to the #3 DJ in 2010."

New Year's Resolutions
"Well, music is evolving and changing much faster than ever, and with it we are seeing lots of brilliant and lesser-known artists emerge. In 2011 we are making sure Miami gets to experience these talented people and their sound. This is, of course, the only way we move forward! As always, our friends and favorites will continue to delight us throughout the year and we are making sure each time around the experience you get from a PL0T night continues to be unique and exciting. Forthcoming in Winter 2011: Lee Curtiss (live), Shaun Reeves, Sergio Santos and Tanner Ross, Lee Foss and Mayaan Nidam, Margaret Dygas, Dan Ghenacia, and a City Fox showcase."

-- Alejandro Sab

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