Colombian Pop Star Marre Rocks New Times Editorial Suite

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Shortly after moving into our swanky new offices at 4500 Biscayne, Crossfade saw the potential for a concert series.

The premise was simple: Musicians come into our editorial suite and perform on a plush white couch overlooking the Ivax building's parking garage. We film the performance, post the vid on YouTube, and then embed it into a corresponding blog post. We call it the Sectional Sofa Series.

And earlier this week, Colombian pop-punk princess Marre popped our concert series cherry. To commemorate the event, she signed a copy of her album, which we're giving away. Just be the first to post a comment and you win. It's that simple.

Now check out Marre performing "Llore" after the jump.

Before Marre's special set, the 19-year old performer sat down and talked with Crossfade. She discussed the responsibility of becoming a role model, how celebrity stardom affected her childhood, and touring South America with the Jonas Brothers. Were you this interesting at 19? Neither were we.

New Times: Tell us what it's like to tour with Nick, Joe, and Kevin. The Jonas Brothers are Crossfade's favorite Disney act?

Marre:  They're pretty nice guys.

Just Pretty Nice?

(Laughs) No, they're very nice guys. It was fun being with them. They're so simple, such human beings. It was a huge experience.

Touring can be very demanding. Does it overwhelm you sometimes?

One of things I don't like at all is traveling so much. Like, I need rest. I need vacation and want to be with my mom, with my father, with my sisters. But at the same time, it's what I chose.

As an artist representing Colombia, what's the biggest challenge you face?

I think it's a big responsibility, but I adore it. I'm just a girl singing about what happens to me, to other girls, to the boy who broke my heart, the boy who didn't call. The future of Colombia depends on us, the children. The important thing for me isn't being huge, but touching hearts.

Is it hard to walk down the streets of Bogota knowing you'll be recognized, and hounded for autographs and pictures?

Sometimes I'm like, "Please, I don't want to meet anybody." But at the same time, [whenever] someone comes close and tells me, "I adore your music," it's another breath to continue doing [music].

You're expanding your music and entering the American market next year with your first crossover album. Is there a lot of pressure for it to be as successful as the first one?

It's one of the hardest things. I want to stay in the same [genre], pop-rock, but have more electro.

Finally, what are your plans for the holidays?

I'm going to be spending the holidays with my family in Colombia.

Right on.

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