Five Questions with Furious Dudes' Matt Scally: Rock 'n' Roll Excess and Christmas Toy Drives

By now, if you're a dirty rock 'n' roll lover, you should know all about the Furious Dudes, a local band that proudly carries the torch of heavy-hitting, feedback-laden punk rock thrash as originated by scene stalwarts like FWA, the Fuck Boyz, and Load.

Like us, you also might've heard a few of this crew's crazy tales of rock excess. But what we here at Crossfade certainly did not know was that regardless of how furious these dudes might come, they also have a soft and caring side.

Here to explain is guitarist Matt Scally.

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Tom Dice and Matt Scally
New Times: First off, what do you do, where do you come from, and what was coolest gift you've ever received?

Matt Scally: I play a guitar in Furious Dudes. I was born and raised here in the dirty dirt of Miami. One of the coolest gifts I ever got was a Gibson SG guitar but I killed that thing in no time. Yeah, it's been kinda dead now for a while. But before that, it was pretty rad.

How and why did the Furious Dudes come to be?

It started with a couple of us hanging out drinking, listening to records. After a while we started talking to friends we thought would be a good fit for doing some obnoxious rock n' roll. We wanted to do something fun and get away with being a little irresponsible. Just have a good time. That pretty much sums it up. We got real shitty and played real shitty and had a blast doing it and the Dudes were born.

So now you're two records deep in a relatively short span of time, what can we expect recordings-wise in the near future?

Were trying to keep things loud and dirty for the most part. The beer-soaked soul of the band's sound is definitely still gonna be there, we're just making some more room to fuck around with other ideas and see what happens. I think people will dig it.

Do you guys honestly believe that Florida sucks? What are you trying to make it suck less?

Look, the drive up and around Florida from Miami is long. And there are alligators. Bummer. It's just a touring joke because it takes a hell of a drive just to get through the state. If we thought this place sucks that bad we woulda left by now. How are we trying to make it suck less? I think this show is a perfect example. Just because we're a bunch of dirtbags doesn't mean we can't help to do something good every once in a while. Even if we do still end up fall-down drunk in the gutter by the end of the night.

Ivan Medrano
Tell us about the toy drive and how to give furiously.

The idea for the Toys For Tots show was pretty simple, we have the ability to bring some people together by playing a show, so why not make it benefit those that are in need of a little holiday spirit this year. So we contacted Toys For Tots and they were really excited about the show we are putting on and pitched in to help. If you want to give "furiously," come join us and our pals Bulletproof Tiger at Bar Black in Miami Saturday night and bring an unopened, unwrapped toy for the admission of the show. One toy is cool, but more toys are Furious!

Furious Dudes with Bulletproof Tiger and Mad Martigan at 10 p.m. on Saturday, December 18th at Bar Black, 28 NE 1st Street, Miami. Admission is one new, unwrapped toy.

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