La Roux Goes Glam Greaser at Mansion

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Photo by Daniel De Las Casas
La Roux's Elly Jackson.
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Yeah, it wasn't exactly a "concert." A nightclub's got bottles to sell and a dance floor to fill, so La Roux's set last night at Mansion was typically short, just a few songs: "In for the Kill," "Bulletproof," and "I'm Not Your Toy."

Nevertheless, singer Elly Jackson rocked the 15 minutes she got. Dressed like a glam greaser in tight pants, a shoulder-padded leather jacket, and a fiery futuristic pompadour, she crooned with her eyes closed and danced through disco lights while her boy-girl backing band spun the synthy stuff.

See the cut for photos from La Roux's show.

Photo by Daniel De Las Casas
Red on red: Jackson got intense while LCD hearts flashed in the background.

Photo by Daniel De Las Casas
No one anticipated the futuristic pompadour. But the crowd was rife with budget versions of Elly's former firebird hairdos.

Photo by Daniel De Las Casas
As always, La Roux's other half, Ben Langmaid, wasn't there. (He doesn't do live performances.) Instead, Jackson got support from a couple of hipsters-for-hire.

Photo by Daniel De Las Casas
Like we mentioned earlier, there were quite a few Elly impersonators roaming around the club. Fancy chillwave pirates were tougher to spot, though.

Photo by Daniel De Las Casas
Then La Roux's fifteen minutes were up. Jackson thanked Miami and she was gone. The whole thing was indecently short.

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