Leona Lewis's "Bleeding Love" and Four More of Her Songs You Don't Want to Take Too Literally

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Leona Lewis is ready for South Beach
Due to a constantly aching heart, UK pop star Leona Lewis is always singing about stuff like romatic disappointment, relationship trainwrecks, moving on. While they're not the freshest topics, she still manages to give it a little oomph and combine powerful, soulful vocals with a catchy beat so that her fans think to themselves, "Whoa. She totally gets me."

But she doesn't get all of us. Some of us are cynical, jaded bastards who think mushy crap is best saved for cartoon holiday cards and handwritten wedding vows.

Plus "Bleeding Love" isn't exactly the best visual, is it? We don't want to think of the smoking hot songstress covered in blood, but we can't help it. And looking at her laundry list of other singles, we realized something: A lot of Lewis's songs could be easily misconstrued.

Is she a creepy stalker? Does she want to kill someone? Victim of a crush-turned-one-night-stand? Check out our top five Leona Lewis song lyrics you don't want to take too literally.

"Bleeding Love"
If misinterpreted:
Someone's trying to kill her, and this is her call to 911.
Sample lyrics: "I keep, keep bleeding love/Keep bleeding/Keep, keep bleeding love/You cut me open/And it's draining all of me/Oh they find it hard to believe/I'll be wearing these scars/For everyone to see."
Our take: Stop bleeding, clean yourself up, and call the cops. Seriously.

"I Will Be"
If misinterpreted: A stalker's love song.
Sample lyrics: "I'm not gonna ever, ever let you leave/You're all I got, You're all I want, Oh/'Cause without you I don't know what I'd do/I can never, ever live a day without you."
Our take: We get it, Leona. You're into him. But don't you think that confessions like these are probably followed by some pretty creepy Swimfan-style phone calls? Just sayin'.

If misinterpreted:
She had a big crush. It turned into a one-night stand gone awry.
Sample lyrics: "I know I'll see you again/I'm sure it's not selfish to ask for more/One more night one more day/One more smile on your face but they can't take yesterday."
Our take: Remember in Wedding Crashers when Vince Vaughn's character comes across a stage-five clinger? This is probably her theme song.

"The Best You Never Had"
If misinterpreted:
I hate you and I'm going to do something to make you regret it.
Sample lyrics: "Yeah, you're telling me that I am where it's at/But I ain't having none of that/Because I told you, you'd live to regret it."
Our take:
Is it just us? Or does Leona come off like a borderline serial killer in this one? Maybe she's trying to imitate Drake's hit single "Best You Ever Had." Maybe she secretly pines for Drizzy and she's pissed that he thinks someone else is the best he ever had? That's what we'd like to think, anyway.

"Love Letter"
If misinterpreted:
She has a penpal lover on the interwebs and she's totally Facebook stalking him.
Sample lyrics: "Even though I never met you/I still miss you/I can see you in my dreams/And I hope that when you read this/Just maybe you'll remember me."
Our take: Something about meeting someone on the internet and following their every move kind of rings true in this song, doesn't it? Why else would you write a love letter to someone you've never met in hopes that they'll remember you?

Leona Lewis with Natasha Bedingfield as part of Orange Drive's New Year's Eve Jam on the Sand. Friday, December 31. Ocean Drive, between 6th and 9th Streets, Miami Beach. The show starts at 9 p.m. and tickets cost $80 to $350, via orangedr.com.

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