Major Lazer at Grand Central, May 15

Photo by Ian Witlen
Skerrit Bwoy hittin' the Henny.
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Major Lazer
May 15, 2010
Grand Central

Crowd control issues aside, Major Lazer's Skerrit Bwoy put on one hell of a show along with Diplo, Mimi, and a cavalry of dagger-ready dancers. Sure, Switch was M.I.A. (no pun intended), but no one in the crowd seem to care. Even Grand Central's A/C system wasn't a match for the sweaty mess that ensued.

Photo by Ian Witlen

What we said:
If you must know how crazy it got, both Skerrit Bwoy and Mimi managed to shimmy up the rafters and do some rather dangerous dance moves that had me thinking I hope they get paid well to do what they do.

Photo by Ian Witlen

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Grand Central

697 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

Category: Music

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