Barry Manilow and the Charlotte Symphony Orchestra at BankUnited Center This Saturday

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Does Barry Manilow even exist? Or was the Manilow concept brewed by aesthetes in the Laboratory of Cool to give record store clerks and music snobs a clear enemy to rail against? Something like Saddam Hussein circa 2002, only instead of WMDs, we're dealing with the globally relevant threat of adult contemporary.

Anyway, if you don't know (and we're sure you do), Barry Manilow is the pope of smooth crooning and big band crescendos. His music is lounge-y but also epic in that ol'-time-showbiz kinda way. As our grandmothers might say, the man is an entertainer!

And yet, the first line of his biography reads: "In terms of both record sales and career longevity, Barry Manilow is one of the most successful adult contemporary singers ever. That success hasn't necessarily translated to respect (or even ironic hipster appreciation) in most quarters."

It's sad ... Dude can't even get an ironic break!

-- Matt Preira

Barry Manilow. Saturday, January 29. BankUnited Center, 1245 Dauer Dr., Coral Gables. The show starts at 8 p.m. and tickets cost $7.74 to 127.74 plus fees via Call 305-284-8686 or visit

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BankUnited Center

1245 Dauer Drive, Coral Gables, FL

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His Concert in Miami was wonderful. Was he perfect no--he is 67 years old give him a break! The audience loved his music, his contributions to the music environment. Yes it brings back memories of dating, dancing and first loves. He is an entertainer who has hurt no one! I will take Barry over any of the new new "artists" that exist today. He is class act.


I am a fan of all hip hop and Barry Manilow is a "National Treasure". A singer such as he comes along very rarely. He takes a back seat to no one. This man deserves our reverence. Millions of fans worldwide can't be wrong!He is a true "legend".


Barry Manilow is one of the greatest entertainers of this or any generation and one of the kindest, most decent, generous people you'll ever encounter. Perhaps you could have mentioned something about what he's doing for music programs in the schools of your state.

Your comments sir are mean and ignorant. You show yourself with the ability to write nothing more than what's cruel, vicious and far below the respect due him. On that note, perhaps you could have shown the respect you mentioned is missing. I doubt you'd know talent if you tripped on it.

Mr. Manilow has been a success for nearly four decades, filling arenas and his venue at the Paris in Las Vegas for every show. What have you done lately? Millions of people in all these years can't be wrong.

Open your mind, ears and heart or shut the heck up and pick on someone deserving of your ineptness.

Helen Holdun


search the above poster and you'll find that she quit her job and packed up her family to move to Palm Springs to be near the home of Barry Manilow. then got a "job" at the desert Sun writing a Blog about basically...Barry Manilow. can you say stalker?

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