Snakehole Comes Out of the Garage to Talk Vaginas, Dicks, Blood, and Other Stuff

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Snakehole has a suggestive name and provocative lyrics.

Though the band is only four months old, it's already making heavy waves in and out of the local music scene. Last weekend alone, Snakehole played both Will's Pub in Orlando and the Miami International Art Fair at the Miami Beach Convention Center.

Crossfade met with Autumn Casey, Julie Mejia, and Sandra Calderalo, members of the all-girl band, after one of their recent shows to harass them about their band's name, Soul Plane, their looks, and their sounds.

Crossfade: Your band name is Snakehole and that's kind of like a vagina. Is that true?

Julie Mejia: It's a sexual reference.

Sandra Calderalo: The appeal of it is that it could be whatever, it might be or it might not be.

It's an innuendo.

Autumn Casey: It's the phallic mixed with the vaginal.

Sandra: It's the yin and the yang.

Where's the yang?

Autumn: It's the snake and the hole. I told my grandma about it and she was like, "That's deep."

At the last show, you played a song and Autumn said, "This song is about relationships," and then I heard a lot of "dick" and "balls?"

Julie: Dick blood.

Autumn: It's about when you're having sex on your period and why he goes to wash off his dick covered with blood. What are you going to do in that time period, and we figured the best thing to do is watch Soul Plane.

Oh, that's the worst movie ever.

Sandra: It's really good.

Autumn: We say, "I'm going to watch Soul Plane right quick while you wash blood off of your dick."

That's nice. It rhymes.

Julie: This interview is going terrible.

No, it's great! Did you guys know how to play before? Or is this a new thing?

Sandra: I just picked up the drums for Snakehole. I never played any instrument before.

Julie: I used to play the bass for the Jacuzzi Boys back when they were known as the Gentlewhips, so that's how I learned.

Autumn: My dad's been trying to teach me to play guitar since I was 15, and it's been on and off going, but seriously playing everyday style has been the last six months.

So, where do you guys want to go next? Or is it all just for fun?

Julie: It's definitely for fun. But we've had a lot of good opportunities to play with awesome bands. And why wouldn't you want to play with amazing bands, especially in the Miami scene where there's not a lot going on.

Random Guy Walking By: Definitely! You're my new favorite band.

Hey, I'm interviewing them! Anyway, so, do you think that it helps that you guys are cute?

Autumn: Yes, it doesn't hurt.

Julie: The first write up we got was from Nashville's Dead and like they didn't mention anything about our music, they just mentioned that we were babes and like dream girls.

But not like Dream Girls the movie.

Sandra: No, I wouldn't mind being compared to that.

Julie: I guess we're called babes more than we are musicians.

Autumn: We're trying to be heavy, we're sick of the garage scene, you can write that down.

You're sounding really garagey, too.

Julie: I mean it's an influence of everything.

Sandra: We are integral musicians.

Autumn: We want to be heavy. We want to get heavy like Black Sabbath.

I heard some heavy with that last song, what's it called?

Autumn: "Space Race."

You know there's other garage bands that are heavy, too.

Sandra: But they're not hot chicks.

Autumn: But like garage psychedelic, which is played out, versus where we want to go.

Anything else you'd like to say?

Julie: Look out for Snakehole.

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no talent, sorry. ZERO.


I bet if they weren't playing music in front of audiences, nobody would ever give a shit about them!


Woha what's with the negativity people?!?!


:)))) love u autumn:)))))<3 Carla

ace cake
ace cake

This is why you don't give interviews WASTED. I wouldnt take anything we said to hold to much merit. we're just having fun and if you don't like it, go give your 30 cents else where! ALSO who are the coathangers? Hey Heavy Metal Collins, CaLL MeeEE ;)

Varg Vilkernes
Varg Vilkernes

i thought they were great at the tyvek show. my favorite part of the show was when all 3 babes showed the crowd their sweater puppies.


nothing like an all girl band getting attention from dubious publications like a city's weekly to get a bunch of nobodys and never-will-bes panties in a wad.

uncle fester
uncle fester

this band is like if the sex pistols had four johnny rottens and they were all sssmokin


no talent


I want to like them, i do. I enjoy the genre they're so obviously duplicating. But this article with such shining moments like where they talk about watching Soul Plane (Soul Plane specifically? how IRONIC and Urban you guys seem! hahaha.) and the fact that they're almost an exact replica of the Coathangers just makes me want to die a little.

Also, Taking a show with Davila 666 after saying you're sick of the garage scene? "you can write that down"?!?!ughhhhhhhh. because we really need more assholes in Miami.


i agree, i wonder how they would be received if they were guys instead of "hot chicks". They definitely wouldn't be lied to about their "talent".


i saw them open for tyvek & they were god awful. there was nothing heavy about their music, it sucks that they're disrespecting black sabbath like that

rc cola
rc cola

and what genre is that?


lol how do they sound like the coathangers?


they're definitely coasting on the fact that they have vaginas. the whole basis of their slight popularity is quite clearly not due to talent, but to their girl band gimmick

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