Behind the Scene of Caligula's "Light in the Dark" Video Shoot

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Courtesy of The Overthrow
Not Caligula, but we aren't complaining.
Local dubstep duo, Caligula, recently wrapped up its first-ever music video. The track, "Light in the Dark," comes from forthcoming EP, The Rise -- available digitally March 8 via Beatport. Overthrow's Samuel Baum sent over a few pictures of the video shoot at Studio 1415, which was filmed under the direction of Baum and Stian Roenning.

From what we can tell, dancers and black lights will be a big part of the video. But we won't have to wait long to see the finished product. The video will premiere at the March 3 EP-release party at the Vagabond. Caligula will be there, natch, along with Tamara Sky, Troy Kurtz, Dave Betamax, and Magoula. And of course, we'll probably post it here on Crossfade as soon as we get a digital copy.

(Photos are mildly NSFW.)

Courtesy of The Overthrow
Co-director Samuel Baum being very thorough and examining the wardrobe.
Courtesy of The Overthrow
Hopefully the makeup doesn't take away from the, er, dancing.
Courtesy of The Overthrow
Courtesy of The Overthrow

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The Vagabond - CLOSED

30 NE 14th St., Miami, FL

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From our Twitter conversation about this subject matter... usually I'm a fan of your work, but there's a difference in saying someone is playing a role and just calling them one. You just flat out said, hey look here's strippers! Not cool. Even then, you still have the plot of the video all wrong.

Assuming "facts" doesn't make a good story.

John Alexander
John Alexander

Mr. Jose D. Duran,

I am writing this in an effort to correct some misinformation. The woman in the photo, Barbara, is in fact a performer/teacher of acrobatics, yoga, and pole fitness; and thus not a stripper as it was incorrectly reported. Working locally in South Beach at locations such as IronFlower Fitness (http://www.ironflowerfitnessmi..., it is important that the reputation and career of stated performer be respected. I trust in the Miami New Times ability in providing honest journalism. Thank you for your time, and understanding.

- John Alexander PR Manager


Come on, Duran, get your facts straight when you write your articles. Were you just going for shock value by saying strippers were involved? When in fact, there were none.

Perhaps, next time you should talk with all your sources before you start to slander people's names and professions on this news site and on the Internet.

The girls involved are trained fitness instructors and performers, not strippers. This is beyond disappointing...

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