Betty Wright Preemptively Rips Black Eyed Peas Terrible Super Bowl Halftime Show

Betty Wright is a legendary, Grammy-winning,  Miami-based singer-songwriter who has released 16 albums.

She scored her first big hit in the '70s at the age of 17 with the million-selling "Cleanup Woman." Later, she became the first black woman to release a gold record on her own label.

In hip-hop, her work has been sampled by artists such as Beyonce, Mary J. Blige, and DJ Quik. She still works in music to this day, developing the vocal abilities of major artists in the industry.

See the cut for a an interview she gave in 1977. It eerily foreshadows the terrible Super Bowl halftime show performance by the Black Eyed Peas at last Sunday's big game.

The first half of the video touches on the historic nature of the Overtown soul and R&B music scene, and how the sites of its legendary venues like the Sir John Knightbeat Hotel were destroyed without consideration for their value. She touches on the popularity and accessibility of artists like Jackie Wilson, and Sam & Dave. She then touches on the decentralization of the urban core of the City of Miami's black community, and migrations to the suburbs of Opa Locka and Carol City.

At around the 3:23 second mark, though, she has this to say, "Now a lot of the acts don't really rely on their vocal ability. They have these dances, or something added, that distracts your attention from the fact that they cannot perform. They're not using their inner ability, their god given talent. They're sort of parasitical. They're relying on everything behind them, all of the lighting systems, some bomb exploding. You know, something added. All these little gimmicks. There are not that many shows anymore,  you know, where you really see an artist sweat for their money, actually put out. Everybody else works but the one that's up front."

That was one hell of an expensive light show the Black Eyed Peas put on. But their vocals were more off key than a piano at a hammer factory. Let's just say, they could all use some lessons from Betty Wright. 

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Tim Mcgraw Unbroken
Tim Mcgraw Unbroken

We can see that with our eyes everyday. And the pro-Good Employed Hard Working Non-Glamorous Big Boned Unselfish Black Woman message that this film relays creates a problem. It's not a bad thing for black women to ...


This was, if this was not the worst, it was one of the worst super bowl half time programs I have seen. It was so over the top that it took away any good they were trying to convey. I heard voices but no music from the band. I guess if you were there it might have been better, but I doubt it. It looked muddled with no flow. There was just a lot of people running around looking for somewhere to go. Texas is big,but when you try to do everything in a big way sometimes it bits you.


Wow! I actually like their performance. Though it was expensive, it was creative.


Saytya, You're tone death!!!!

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