Five Most Horrible Mishaps at the 48th Coconut Grove Arts Festival

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Confused? Dude's got a tiger painted on his ass.
The Coconut Grove Arts Festival. A Miami tradition.

Whether you like crappy overpriced art or not, it is a ten-dollar people-watching extravaganza. On a gorgeous day, it is the perfect excuse to get liquored up with your friends, eat a gyro, and watch a great band like Suénalo at Peacock Park.

However, some things can go horribly wrong. And Crossfade was there this past Saturday to witness five such mishaps.

5. Patricio Luckyou
Man, 12:30 in the afternoon is no time to watch Michael Hutchence's untalented Latin twin rock some shit. His band seemed talented enough. Just lost. And sad.

4. Ryan Stone Music
Aging alt-rock singers are never a good time. Definitely the wrong vibe after fighting for a $20 parking spot.

Photo by Robert Suarez

3. Did We Mention Ryan Stone Music?
Oh, right. We did. Let's move on.

2. The Mispronunciation of the Word Suénalo
In an attempt to kill time as the band tuned up and readied to play, the douchey master of ceremonies made light of his several failed attempts to pronounce Suénalo correctly last year.

He joked and went through "Sweenilo," "Seeniro," and other gringo bumblings. At last, it was time to introduce the band, and he blew it again! So much so that singer Amin De Jesus had to beging the show by announcing to the crowd, "The name of the band is Suénalo!"


1. Those Goddamn Tiger Pants
Yeah, Miami is a hotbed for European tourists committing unforgiveable fashion sins. But this poor chap with the blue "Italia" baseball cap and spiked bracelet stole the show thanks to the most frightening pair of pants ever.

It's really hard to watch a show when a painted tiger with a wedgie is watching you like its next meal.

-- Eric Garcia

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ok guys dont feel oofended, I notice the review of the new times, usually they have a guy like cross fade doanting his reviews , the only way the pay attention to his review is because he createds controversy by talking bad about other bands, because they know that it will create traffic , if they put they were good more likely nobody will write crat, that is the way of the internet,, I agree with the boddy crossfake that the new times has something going with the latin band but not really is not the new times it the crossfade guy, he is probably friends of the band and the band was lucky to have a fan that likes them and that does have a lot of time to write unlike other, if the same that is you were a guns and roses fan you will be writing that everybody suck on acts that play with guns and roses because the band you went to see wasn GNR , get it now, what i say is that if you liek any of this band then write about them in a good way and write crap about the others and the new time will  most probably publish you article because it will make other people comment on it. You can see what i mean because the writer of this articles has not even comment to reply your comments, yes , he is a looser and will rather not comment so you keep on writing, that bnad SUNALO or whate evenr  suck they been playing in south florida for ever , they will never make it out of the cuban crowd, Good luck! 


Wow, I was at the festival and thought Ryan Stone Music was amazing.  I give them credit for continuing to want to play regardless of their age.  I guess they rather be pursuing their dreams than writing a blog that criticizes other people's talents and from what I see about your writing skills, you just sound jealous to me.... 


To Eric Garcia who wrote this article....The #1 mishap about you is clearly the class that you lack!Your the only sucker who paid $20 to park? lol..No wonderyour cramping!  I guess your band didnt make the cut or what? No one want to hear your worn out harmonica.... Your music is cheap and so are your words.It's apparant you have a Napolean complex (look it up)

juke gag
juke gag

The Aging rocker?....he is just pissed his girlfriend didnt feel the same way....maybe his harmonica is shoved too far up his ass!


I’m always reading your articles but this article is very degrading. I write for a very know local news paper but I never write online comments on your posts but this time you have pushed my buttons. I also took the time to review all of your posts. You have about 53 posts that were written about “Suenalo” on the New Times blogs posted by you- this confirms that you are definitely a Suenalo PR person, shame on Suenalo, so here it is my comments to you crossfake:

New Blog Title:“Five Most Horrible Blogs from CROSSFADE (the Suenalo PR person) about the 48th Coconut Grove Arts Festival”

I’m sorry that we Americans cannot pronounce the name of your favorite band correct, but this gives you no right to express yourself like this just because we choose NOT to learn your language, remember that you are the visitor here and we allow you to be here.

First: From your writing I see that you are either related to the Suenalo people or you are gay and are in love with the singer, and the only band you went to see was Suenalo. Sad life you have.

Second: If you want to make your favorite cock stand out you should not do it by putting other artist down, obviously as other people commented you are probably a salsa freak. There is no comparison of your suenalo dream band to Ryan and Patricio.

Third: If you remember how the Master of Ceremonies pronounced the word Suenalo last year then you really have problems and confirm my first comment.

Third: I’m American and I feel insulted when you used the word "Gringo" I do not refer to you as a "Latin spic"

Fourth: You are probably Latin and is sad that you judge the guy Patricio when he is probably Latin too, you should be proud that as a Latin person he had the guts to play true Rock 'n Roll in a language that is probably not his native language, at least this guy has the balls to try, unlike like everyone else of you who come to my country and hide behind your salsa or reggaeton crap trying to impose your Latin language on us.

Then on top of that you also put down Ryan Stone, sorry that you do not understand English, and that you have something against people that sing all their songs in English, you probably cannot follow his music, go to school!!! LEARN ENGLISH!!! You probably try to interview him also and he did not pay attention to you so revenge feels good, right. Yeah!!! I write crap about him!!!

Fifth: You mentioned the name of the Suenalo singer in this post. CONFIRMED!!!!! I’m not against gays but I do feel sad for the ones who have to hide it.

Writing reviews does not mean talking bad about the other artist in which you are not in a personal hidden love relationship to make your lover stand out or because some pants with a custom design do not satisfy your taste or make you nervous, or because someone that does not speak your language cannot pronounce something perfect!!! If Rock ‘n’ Roll is not your type of music don’t put others down simply because you don’t like it.



For your Lover: Sweenilo watch a great band like Suénalo at Peacock Park

For your Lover: "The name of the band is Suénalo!"

For your Lover : Amin De Jesus had to beging the show by announcing to the crowd


Tiger Member of the Crowd: Dude's got a tiger painted on his ass.

Tiger Member of the Crowd: European tourists committing unforgiveable fashion sins

Tiger Member of the Crowd: wedgie is watching you like its next meal.

Patricio Luckyou: " to watch Michael Hutchence's untalented Latin twin rock some shit.

Patricio Luckyou: His band seemed talented enough. Just lost. And sad.

Ryan Stone: Music "wrong vibe after fighting for a $20 parking spot"

Master of ceremonies: Mispronunciation of the Word Suénalo

Master of ceremonies: "Sweenilo," "Seeniro," and other gringo bumblingsMaster of ceremonies: failed attempts to pronounce Suénalo correctly last year.


And if you are AMERICAN, SHAME ON YOU!!!!!!

Karen Cliff
Karen Cliff

Oh my god I cann't not believe that you actually like suenalo over ryan stone liar, I remeber talking to you at the show, you were the one wearing the tiger pants, you are funny!!! lol, hope to see you again!!!!


Let me put this way...The Fest was great! For the first time I really enjoyed the music, not because of Suénalo crap...OMG what was that? A hysterical girl screaming with African tambours. Enough with Macarena shit.

Me and all of my friends really liked Ryan Stone, pretty cool! But the band that gave us a good vibe was Patricio Luckyou, WOW, who are those guys? That's what we're missing on the world of modern rock n'roll, I have not seen this type of music lately, all this south Florida salsa crap sucks! His voice, the guitar, drums, melody, lyrics, everything was great, true rock n’roll! Time to bring back the pure cool rock.

Thank God a lot of kids were present at the fest; they had an opportunity to listen a great artist! As for “crossfade” review you can tell that this review was written in favor of Suénalo Macarena crap who did not care about their audience, they were basically wearing pajamas and if you are complaining about the tiger pants, show me what you wore, probably drop down pants showing your underwear. Sad!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm not surprised Ryan Stone took up 2 spots on this countdown.


The only thing that would of made this better is if Patricio was the one wearing the Tiger pants...


100% with you! No more macarenaaaaI liked too! Patrício Luckyou! Lucky Me!


maybe your art work was the reason? 



did you see how the suenalo guy was dress , and their band , it look like they were wearing their pajamas, they really care about you, I bet you dont have the balls to wear tiger pant because you are probably a poser that is always worry about what people think about you, I love Ryan Stone his voice is by far beter that the suenalo guy, you know nothing about music and judge your and this poser form the new times is a duenalo PR person like the other  guy said


yeah if thats what you call it?? LOL

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