Serum's "Afro Pick" Is a Thick, Deep, and Angular Appetizer Off New Album P.C.P.

Here's a track from our very own MC Serum off his upcoming sophomore release, P. C. P. (Pre-Campaign Propaganda), which is slated to drop this month.

That's good news for fans of his 2008 compilation mixtape Calm B4 the Brainstorm and 2009's full-length debut Brainstorm Troopah. While I haven't heard the upcoming album in its entirety yet, this single is a good indication of what's coming. Serum's delivery is thick. And there's something soothing in his deep voice and angular elocution.
His subject matter on this track is heavy on the Afro-centric, and quite in time for Black History Month with its message of empowerment and African-American grandeur. I like to see this in South Florida, especially with the rise of intelligent, underground hip-hop having a renaissance locally. This is important.

Produced by Belarusian mastermind Mistapool, the song's got a nice minimalist piano and drum line, broken by the occasional scratch and jazz-like, echo-y wash. In fact, "Afro Pick" would be right at home with some of the more exciting hip-hop produced during the '90s. It's a good appetizer for the upcoming album.

Download: Serum's "Afro Pick"

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It's about time for Serum to get his props!!!! Thank you for shining the light on one of the real lyricists that rep true hip hop in Miami!!!


Serum has a flow that cannot be reckoned with. Pure boom-bap, classic shit! Playing this track on repeat! New Times needs to keep posting up more Miami hip-hop like this.

The Linguistik Gymnast
The Linguistik Gymnast

yessssssssssssssirrrrrrrr..... real hip-hop at its best!!! afrocentricity for them flat backside, thin lipped, blue eyed, weak boned ... let me stop... P.E.A.C.E to the Gods and Earths... shout out to Serum and all the other TRUE AND LIVING MC's holding it down not for miami, but for HIP-HOP... peace to mistapool as well!! BLESS!!! *7


Serum always bringin the dopeness! Proud that he is a 305 representive!

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