The Roots and Ricky Martin Have a One-Night Stand VIDEO UPDATE

The Roots + Ricky Martin = ?
Television is a magic medium. It's also evil. And sometimes shitty.

But really, who thought that Ricky Martin and the Roots would ever hook up? No one. And yet, thanks to TV (and the fact that Questlove's crew decided they needed a day job), we're all gonna get to watch a massively unlikely one-night stand between the Latin pop star, a half-dozen black dudes, and one very famous 'fro.

Tune into NBC's Late Night With Jimmy Fallon tonight around 1:25 a.m. and try not to look away as they all jam away at Martin's new single "The Best Thing About Me Is You."

Will it be magic? Evil? Shitty? All three?

UPDATE: It happened and it was shitty. See the cut for the YouTube video.

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Hate negative bloggers
Hate negative bloggers

Get a life critics... song great band and singers. Are you crack heads? I appreciate good talent!


You are talking shit.......Actually it was of the chain

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