Help Crossfade Convince Peter, Bjorn and John to Play Miami!

Hey, PB&J! Come to MIA!
On Monday, we wrote a letter to Fleet Foxes about their upcoming tour.

We assured them that Miami's music scene is on the up-and-come, and promised that if they came down here, we'd willingly fork over the price of admission for a night of culturally relevant indie rock. The band read our article, and promised they'd "make Florida happen, hopefully in the fall."

Now we're targeting Peter, Bjorn and John.
Fleet Foxes Tweet.jpg
Needless to say, we were happy that (a) people read this blog, and (b) indie music's willing to make the trek to the Sunshine State. It inspired Crossfade to start a grassroots campaign, so to speak, in the hope of attracting our favorite indie acts to Miami.

Yesterday, Peter, Bjorn and John announced their 2011 tour dates. And while the Swedish indie-trio kicks shit off in the South, Florida's been left off the band's schedule. Interestingly enough, however, there's a 27-day gap between the group's last gig in Europe, April 9 in Paris, and their first stateside show, April 28 in Atlanta.

Our suggestion to them: Why not spend the week of April 18 relaxing in Miami, kick off the North American tour down here on the 23rd, maybe play Orlando on Monday, 25th, Gainesville the 26th, then enjoy a full day of rest before playing Atlanta on the 28th.

But we're going to need your help twisting PB&J's arm. And here's the plan: Crossfade wants you to tweet the band, and politely ask them to consider playing a show in Miami. Tell them how much you love their music, and how you'd set up shop in Stockholm if you had to live anywhere outside of Miami. You know, butter 'em up a bit.

Now while we all wait for Peter, Bjorn and John's official response, let's watch (and rewatch) the above video for "Breaker, Breaker," the group's first song off their upcoming album, Gimme Some.

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:))) I love you guys!!!! Can't believe they tweeted back!!!Would love to see Tame Impala or maybe Warpaint.

"Hopefully in the fall" .....Memories....


@ghost that never lies, on board with idea.P.S. The National was in Orlando's House of Blues (worth the four drive) less than three months ago.

ghost that never lies...
ghost that never lies...

yep, was very aware....but when you have a baby, kind of hard to convince the Mrs. to sneaking away for a mid-week trip to see The National......

ghost that never lies
ghost that never lies

Also, how about starting a campaign for bands like Arcade Fire (never played in Florida), National (last time was the last Langerado out in Cypress), New Pornographers (who skipped us again on their last huge tour), Decemberists (only hit Orlando), and Mumford and Sons amongst others....

ghost that never lies...
ghost that never lies...

I am all for this idea b/c we do see many bands skip on us. I was very happy to hear Fleet Foxes would be bringing down their show to Florida in November, but that sadly means more than likely they are playing that festival in Orlando (brought to you by the makers of Glastonbury)

Hopefully a real show by them will come down real soon.

Sorry song/video BLOWS.

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