Andy C at Ultra Music Festival 2011 Day Two, March 26

Andy C at UMF11 holding what looks to be a real-life vinyl record!
So is drum 'n' bass dead or what?

Unlike previous editions of Ultra Music Festival where the sizable jungle-heads were out in full force and their superstar DJs would get top billing, the representation was a bit slim at this year's fest. In fact, hipster Brooklynites who came out to see bands like Cut Copy and Holy Ghost were more visible than the traditional "dNb Massivs."

As a recovering raver and an old-skool junglelite, I was somewhat sadden by the diminishing numbers as new jacks born post-1990 drifted towards dubstep rather than its true originator.

Yet this year, like every year, Andy C and his partner-in-crime, MC GQ, did their thing. And if you're wondering what exactly that "thing" is, it pretty much means destroying the place.

Only three days ago, Andy was just in Miami for his annual VIRAM (Virus vs. RAM) party that took place at the newly minted nightclub Treehouse.  Sources who were present have informed us that Andy C ... well, did his fucking thing!

Now the same could be said for his Ultra set this year, except for skipping needles and some technical difficulties. Dude, let's be real ... Andy is a purist and he's probably the only remaining DJ that spins with real vinyl. (Yeah, remember those black round thingies?) This set-up was definitely not meant for a guy who works with records. But the 1000-strong crowd could have cared less. They all came, as drum'n'bass disciples, to honor one of their saints. Andy C does no wrong, skipping needles and all.

The energy in the Tower of Ultra was electric. You can only imagine how much the ground was shaking when those bass drops hit. Andy left no records unturned, spinning some of his classic heavy tunes like "Titans," "Cool Down," "Quest," and his biggest crossover track, "Body Rock."  Let's not forget some non-Andy C produced records that stole the show, i.e. Adam F's "Circles" and all of Ed Rush and Optical joints. FIYAH!!! 

So regardless of what the naysayers are claiming: Screw you, dubstep! Drum 'n' bass lives on! 

Even though there aren't any videos of Andy C's set at Ultra up right now, check out his VIRAM set couple days back ... you get the picture.

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wtf is happenning here? Why so much discussion about going to ultra or going to wmc?m a puertorican and i like this shit so much as you! Its hard to get this kind of music out in the stores like you get yours out in the states or the uk. I have to read the playlist to look for the track on the web after i listened for a few hours a good set, because im not that kind of raver who just listen a few seconds of a beat. 2011 was my first time in miami and i looking forward to come back again.i think that wmc and umf has to be looked as global meeting for electronic music sake, for all the genres and generations that passed and yet have to come. I went to both wmc and umf and i like them.As u said, ultra noobs, dnb will never die, but people can choose what ever they want! after party or festival keeps the same for me: dnb!


since when is ultra a legitimate source for d&b?


Ultra has never been the place to catch DNB @WMC. Viram is always off the hook, plenty of other smaller venues.

ultra noobs
ultra noobs

death to dubstep and ripoff fest ultra. that bs is the mcdonald's of beats and bass and should be treated as such.

anybody with even a miniscule scrap of sense knows the real action takes place in the conference (which ultra has bastardized) and the club/pool parties (to which wmc badgeholders mostly get in free and can see most of ultra's lineup any given year).

people who would support ultra deserve to get hustled.

dnb will never die and if you went to "ultra", you lost the game. wahhhh!!!


I have to agree to a point but disagree as well. An old school raver myself I am sadden that dubstep has taken over but my question is where are all the old school drum n bass kids...did they grow out of it or did they just get old and want to listen to it on the is up to us to EDUCATE the younger generation and hopefully some of them had the experience this year. Andy C rocked it no doubt..dnb for life:)


If only Miami had a joint spinning DNB like the good o' days at Laundry Bar..


that is probably the most ridiculous thing I have read in a is going to ultra selling out lmfao If you love dnb why weren't YOU there repping Andy C, Goldie and all the old school dnb dj's that were looking in the crowds wondering where their fans were? You could NEVER see that many dj's in one place for less than 250$ although it is over priced it's still worth it and I've been going to parties for 14 years I would hardly say going to a place playing your fave music is "losing your game" get a life


...Except that, obviously, WMC and Ultra didn't happen at the same time this year, and WMC proper -- the thing at which you would get a badge -- was almost all deep house. So where was the d'n'b this year besides the Hospital, Blue Note, and Viram parties?

ultra noobs
ultra noobs

@noxious moron

i wasn't there because of the rip off factor mentioned previously. it appears you need a third grade reading comprehension course and according to your grammatical structure, it appears that may be the last year you completed. i have had to reread several of your sentences due to run-ons and lack of punctuation.

i never mentioned anything about "selling out", which could mean a lot of things to a lot of people. instead, i chose to present facts. it is a fact ultra is lacking in substance to anyone who knows a few things, much like mcdonald's. it is a fact that most of the acts that get on the bill to ultra have been be seen for free by badgeholders, even in more intimate settings, during conference week, etc. these are facts. not to mention, you know, the conference... the reason one would assume people who actually care about the music would be in miami in march, along with the idma's and beatport awards ceremonies. granted, i don't know if you attended these or wmc, but you have yet to mention.

judging by your defense, it appears you have a serious confirmation bias. does it all cause you a bit of cognitive dissonance because you recently purchased a lemon?

i don't "represent" anyone but myself. lol

how do you know who they were looking for, if anyone? did you speak with any of them personally to find they were oh-so disheartened over receiving several grand to perform to a bunch of hipsters who couldn't care less?

a simple google search would turn up detroit movement/demf, wemf, and plenty of other large festivals with better reputations.

who gives a damn how long you or anyone else has been going... as if that's some claim to legitimacy or badge of honor. LOL

i guess i must not be hardcore enough about the music because i refuse to march my ass into an obvious rip off scheme, especially in this economy, with people who are mainly there to be seen, be "cool" and roll (and under a blazing hot sun... darwin would be proud).

you just lost the (not your) game again since you're obviously not up on very old net phrases or memes.

i have a life which does not involve getting ripped off. thanks for your kind offer!


Tell 'em.

I can't believe people still buy into this Ultra crap. LOL

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