Cut Copy at Ultra Music Festival 2011 Day Two, March 26

Photo by Jose D. Duran
Cut Copy at Ultra 2011.
Maybe it was the unbearable heat at their last Ultra performance, but Cut Copy seemed rather reserved this time around.

Still, with pop gems that would make Depeche Mode jealous, the Aussie band gave the kids what they wanted: polished songs with unbelievably catchy hooks. Seriously, we had their sophomore effort, In Ghost Colours, on repeat for about a year. And we're still not sick of it.

And while newer material from Zonoscope is equally awsome when performed live, the crowd really lost it for dancefloor hits "Lights & Music" and "Hearts on Fire." During "Heart," lead singer Dan Whitford could have easily stopped singing and let the crowd take over.

Anyway, in keeping this short, watch a clip of Cut Copy's performance of "Lights & Music" after the jump.

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i love the vibe these guys have...something very close to New Order, but damn...those cheesy lyrics are such a turn off.

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