Davila 666 Brought Everyone Onstage at Churchill's Pub March 1

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The six dudes of Davila 666.
Davila 666
With Love Handles, Snakehole, Heartstrings, and Ticks
Churchill's Pub
Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Better Than: Christian Bale's Masshole accent.

The (and we mean the) Puerto Ricans who rock 'n' roll, Davila 666, last night performed at Churchill's Pub for the second time and got pretty much everyone in the place onstage. Their newest album, Tan Bajo, just came out yesterday, and they'll be making their way around the U.S. over the next two months.

It's so much easier to like a band when you see the members fuck up or something crappy happens. When Ticks' singer-guitarist's mike fell, he kept going till the end of the song, then apologized, saying, "It's one of those nights." They suddenly became more likable. Next, Heartstrings' bassist's guitar strap broke, he played for a minute with the bass balanced on his knee, and they just started to sound better.

The rest of the night went smoothly. It was about 10:30 p.m. when the room started to fill up. The audience was a mixed bag of what seemed like a handful of leftover Bruise Cruisers with the t-shirts and cornrows, a few Lake Worthers, and the Miami usuals. Rick Diaz of hahahelp was dancing topless, which is what he's both known to do, and what we love to witness. 

Not full, but full of fun.
​​Snakehole started out their set with the elegantly titled, "Dick Blood." Autumn Casey is a great front woman. Not only is she nice to look at, she's fearless, but not in the all in-your-face way. She can also scream and it doesn't sound annoying. Snakehole continues to improve with each show, and they've been playing a lot lately. 

Davila 666 just looked like they were having a really good time onstage, and it was infectious. There was a smiling tambourine guy singing back up. The drummer had his shirt off and a plastic snake was wrapped around his neck. One of the guitarists, the big guy, bent over to show us his behind in a flirty manner. Sweet. If Menudo and the Puerto Rican Day Parade have shown us anything, it's that Puerto Ricans know how to have a good time. 

They played a long set, but no one seemed to mind. Females and males flung themselves onstage. The singer of Ticks took his Old English quart and kept trying to play one of the guitars with it. (The axe in question was already in use.) Meanwhile, Gabriel Alcala of Miami's Jacuzzi Boys got on stage with maracas and ended up with a bra in his mouth. (I guess this happens to him a lot?) Jacuzzi drummer and total delight Diego Monasteri spent much of the show singing with Davila 666.

The crowd was more than enthusiastic. These melodies elicit dancing, not aggressive moshing. It's like pure fun. Of course, everyone had to throw their beer in the air, which is just about the most unpleasant thing that happens at shows. The only thing worse is being sprinkled with urine or glitter.
Love Handles is a really great band name. But it's not very Google-able.
Love Handles has the best band name ever. They looked comfortable onstage and asked something along the lines of, "If I give someone money, could they get us a pitcher of Bud?" Local drummer of such bands as Beings and Holly Hunt, Beatriz Monteavaro, showed mercy and satisfied their request. The crowd had thinned out. But the music was possibly the best, though least accessible of the night, which is how it often works. 

All around, it was a quality evening. Nobody got hurt. There were good tunes. And everything ended nice and early at 2 a.m. Not much more you can ask out of a Tuesday night. 

Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias: I love this shit. 

The Crowd: Regulars mostly. Spotted were folks in a Guadalupe tee, a New York Dolls shirt, and a Misfits patch on the back of a jean jacket. 

Overheard in the Crowd: "That girl better be missing an eye behind that eye patch."

Random Detail: Being sober at Churchill's doesn't suck. 

Davila 666 Setlist:
-"Cobre y Amor"
-"Pingorcha y la Diva Rokera"
-"La Killer Bitch"
-"Esa Nena Nunca Regreso"
-"Yo Seria Otro"
-"Te Espero En El Telefono" (cover)
-"El Lobo"

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Churchill's Pub

5501 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

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i thought manny mangos played a song, or did that not happen? lol

Bleeding Palm
Bleeding Palm

I love this shit too. Great review. Sounds like the show was a blast!

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