Las Vegas Nightlife Superior to Miami's, Says Las Vegas Weekly

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Welcome to Las Vegas, the supposed EDM capital of the United States.
Maybe it's the heat that has Las Vegas Weekly's Sarah Gianetto claiming that Las Vegas' nightlife scene is vastly superior to Miami's.

Excuse us. Hahahahahahahahahahahahaha! Oh, sweet baby Jesus. We haven't read something that funny in a long time.

Gianetto makes her case due to the fact she skipped out on both Winter Music Conference and the retooled Ultra Music Festival/Miami Music Week. What has replaced WMC? Apparently, Vegas' annual Nightclub & Bar Convention, which fell on the same week as WMC this year.
When I lived in Phoenix, a trip to WMC was invaluable. But now that I'm in Las Vegas, I've been spoiled by the frequent, quality EDM entertainment, the industry resources and the constant influx of international travelers that I normally would connect with once a year in Miami. I realized I wouldn't be missing much by skipping the trip south.
Even the president of nightlife consultants Monsoon Group, Robert Casillas (because there is no conflict of interest in asking a glorified Vegas promoter about Vegas nightlife):

"With scheduled larger acts in electronic music and all other genres scheduled for 2012 [and] with Las Vegas' amenities and amazing venues, and now with the world's best DJs and artists performing here, Miami cannot, and will never, compete."
We'll admit that Las Vegas has surpassed Miami's number of large, flashy nightclubs. But if Gianetto knew anything about electronic music and nightlife, she'd know flash does not make for a true successful EDM environment. (See Berlin, London, or New York.)

While no one attends WMC itself, the parties still serve as an important place for DJs and industry folks to connect, discover new music, and, yes, party.

And even if Vegas nightlife is bigger and flashier, it's basically like your local McDonald's. It's everywhere, it's filling, but is it any good? Miami's scene still welcomes new, upcoming talent and styles of music that have barely made a Stateside impact. Yes, you have flashy nightclubs like LIV, Mansion, and SET. But you also have the underground -- places like Electric Pickle, the Vagabond, Bardot, Space. Hell, we'll even throw a bone at Louis and Arkadia.

We also have a local electronic music scene consisting of DJ-producers like Oscar G, Lazaro Casanova, Danny Daze, Craze, and actual electronic music artists like Otto Von Schirach, Panic Bomber, and Caligula.

And a Vegas lineup of "Erick Morillo, Avicii, Redfoo of LMFAO, Robbie Rivera, and Kaskade," while decent, is hardly innovative or special. But what can you expect from a city whose nightlife industry is based on selling thousands of tickets, bottles, and tables? At least, Miami's scene still continues to foster EDM music.

Keep Tiësto, Sin City, we've been done with him since 2008. We'll let you know who'll be popular in 2015.

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Phoenix Edler
Phoenix Edler

Battling it out on the weeklies doesn't cut it out. In the end, the recognition goes to the city that could give the best experience - one that exceeds even the expectations of the average party-goer!


Still by far the best deal.

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"Keep Tiësto, Sin City, we've been done with him since 2008. We'll let you know who'll be popular in 2015."

Wait who played NYE this past year in Miami?


There's no need to stoop down to such a pathetic level and talk shit about Miami nightlife as we all know the truth.....Robert my friend you are doing amazing things , and if people in Miami are familiar with you then well that speaks for itself. Somebody is apparently very jealous of your success !

steve-  boston,ma
steve- boston,ma

WMC is way overrated was their for a week last year... Don't get me wrong I had a great time and all but it was no different than Boston or Pacha@ NYC. And YOU say Vegas is all about tickets, tables and bottle service HAHAHAHA I wont mention the name of any clubs but they wanted us to pay $2000 for 2 bottles and a table for an hour till we told them to go pound sand!!!! And that Sh*thole strip joint on Washington St that serves no alcohol got us for a $400 bar tab before we figured out they were serving us non alcoholic beer and they don't even come close to that Vegas style club with bottle service that they have down in R.I. Yup... Welcome to Miami were you'll pay top $$$$ in clubs that to me are no better than Boston or NYC!!! I think I'd rather go to VEGAS!!!!


Preach on brother Steve!


Jose Duran! Wooooowww. I have never promoted here..but if you have read quality publications like the Wall Street Journal or knew anything of nightlife instead of being a Miami CHEERLEADER then we can talk, in the meantime, do your research and know who you're talking about...but thanks for mentioning my name that is kinda cool! I still love you though, without you 'repping' your city what would nightlife be after-all??? And if you would like to come to the Nightclub & Bar convention as my guest then as a journalist and writer you must come to the 'Dark Side' at least once to see what this is about...I have been to WMC and think it's a good time, but I'm gonna have to stick to my quote and invite you to see the business side of the nightlife, but until then I'll be here in Las Vegas "promoting" !


" what can you expect from a city whose nightlife industry is based on selling thousands of tickets, bottles, and tables? "

HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!! Yeah because that's not Miami at all. HAHAHAHAHA!!!!!


If this isn't the pot calling the kettle black I don't know what is. Is it possible that Miami is a tad jealous of Vegas for out Miami-ing Miami? Miami nightclubs (and WMC week especially) are some of the most notorious for 2 hour lines, outrageous ticket and bottle prices, gouging people for every last cent at every corner market in the world. Why did WMC and Ultra split up this year? Does it have anything to do with Ultra wanting all the biggest DJs to sign exclusive contracts so that they can have them ONLY at one event and then charge outrageous fees and sell thousands of tickets to one of the most "flashy" over the top events in the country? Come on man, call it like it is; Vegas has taken Miami style nightlife to a whole new level that has never been reached in the U.S. I have been going to WMC for 7 years and specifically did not go this year because the whole thing has turned into one giant over the top shit show, which, again, Vegas holds the crown on. hands down

Sarah Gianetto
Sarah Gianetto

Thank you, Jose, but I think you missed my point. Las Vegas is spoiled constantly with EDM in many forms, shapes and sizes. It's not about that week in particular being better (or a replacement), and there is much more going on than the mega-clubs and international DJs that I chose to mention for the benefit of the average reader.

But, sincerely, thank you for writing this. It's neat to see the vastness of my readership, as well as the waves I inadvertently made. (The title The Weekly chose for the online version of my article did not help...)

On a side note, if you looked me up, you would see that I've been heavily involved in the EDM scene and industry since 1993, so I do have a clue ;)

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