Lauryn Hill Announces Last-Minute Miami Show at Grand Central Tomorrow Night

Photo by Marta Xochilt Perez
Ms. Lauryn Hill at Jazz in the Gardens 2011.
See Crossfade's recap, pics, and vids from Lauryn Hill's Moving Target Intimate Playdate show at Grand Central.

Just 30 minutes ago, Ms. Lauryn Hill wrapped her only officially announced Miami set of the weekend at the first night of Jazz in the Gardens music festival.

After 15 songs, including deeply reworked Fugees cuts, old solo hits like "Everything Is Everything," and even a cover of Bob Marley's "Is This Love," she closed it all out with a remarkably faithful (if amphetamine-paced) version of "Doo Wop."

And then as Ms. Hill said goodbye, she dropped a bomb: "We've got another show tomorrow at a smaller venue," and pausing to get the details from one of her handlers, "Um, Grand Central Miami."

This last-minute Magic City gig will be only the third date on the recently announced second leg of Hill's Moving Target Intimate Playdate Series, following Wednesday's tour opener at Orlando's House of Blues and tonight's performance at Sun Life Stadium.

When the Moving Target tour was first made public on March 11, Hill issued the following mission statement:

"One of the benefits of playing venues smaller than the ones I'm used to allows me the opportunity to not only reconnect with my supporters but to expose them to a portion of the musical journey I've been on which the world for the most part has not had access to," Hill said. "I've never shied away from being musically adventurous, nor am I known for being a lightweight when it comes to lyrical content or musical exploration."

"These more intimate playdates afford me the time to perform for listeners who haven't heard from me over the past several years or have been misinformed by the inaccuracies in some media coverage, many of which I might add, I find very amusing. Getting back out there to perform is a lot like resuming a strenuous sport after having been away from it for a while, but eventually the muscle memory kicks in, and each day brings progressive strength. It's an exciting and REAL process which these audiences will get to witness."

In all, with the addition of tomorrow night's last-minute Miami show, the series is now set to include 13 stops in cities such as Tampa, Atlanta, Los Angeles, and New Orleans.

Also, on top of plugging the Grand Central gig in the final minute of her Jazz in the Gardens set, Ms. Lauryn Hill also shouted out a hot new Twitter account: @MsHillMvngTrgt.

So follow that diva and check out her full tour schedule below.

Lauryn Hill's Moving Target Extended Intimate Playdate Series, Second Leg Schedule

March 16 House of Blues, Orlando, FL
March 19 Jazz in the Gardens Festival at Sun Life Stadium, Miami, FL
March 20 Grand Central, Miami, FL
March 23 The Ritz, Tampa, FL
March 26 House of Blues, Myrtle Beach, SC
March 30 Center Stage, Atlanta, GA
April 3 Aloha Tower, Oahu, HI
April 9 Arlene Schnitzer Hall, Portland, OR
April 12 The Warfield, San Francisco, CA
April 15 Coachella Music and Arts Festival, Indio, CA
April 18 Club Nokia, Los Angeles, CA
April 23 The Fillmore, Denver, CO
May 7 Jazz and Heritage Festival, New Orleans, LA

Ms. Lauryn Hill as part of her Moving Target Extended Intimate Playdate Series. Sunday, March 20. Grand Central, 697 N. Miami Ave., Miami. Tickets cost $50 via Call 305-377-2277 or visit


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Grand Central

697 N. Miami Ave., Miami, FL

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Brooke @
Brooke @

I loved the show at Jazz in the Gardens. The Miami crowd seemed to be negative toward her way before she got out there. I plan to go in Tampa again on the 23rd. It was true artistry and it was very creative. Some feel that if you don't sing just like the record it is confusing and a bad performance. What she did at JIG was awesome!


Finally (48 hours) time limit to buy.

LV Muffler $ 5.99LV Bags $ 19.9 LV Wallet $ 6.55Armani Glasses $ 5.99LV Belt $ 6.9

Buy addresses---- tntn.usTips (48 hours after the special product is invalid)


Concert was Great tonight! Lauryn Hill seems to be in the middle of a musical experiment nowadays. It's interesting to watch the fans scratch their heads trying to figure out should I leave, listen intently, criticize, or embrace this new sound. As an artist, it really is a ground breaking sound, but I understand why it is not universally accepted. Lauryn is entering unchartered territory musically and that will always evoke controversy. People just want to hear the music as they remember it. I believe the media can do a better job helping her audience grow with her. Lauryn's music and voice is so desperately needed in this decaying current world of hip hop. I hope people start to realize that she is a gem to our generation and we owe it to her to give the new sound a chance. The die hards will tell you that if you left early tonight, you really missed a treat. Thanks Lauryn for being so brave! You still have a number of loyal fans who appreciate what you are doing musically!

Sean Pajot
Sean Pajot

Pamar30 and george, I've seen Lauryn Hill twice in the last six months. And tonight's Jazz in the Gardens gig was nowhere near as frenetic and fascinating as her show for the University of Miami's homecoming.

In both cases, she showed no real interest in reproducing her hits as recorded. But I think the new versions contain moments of genius. At best, it's some kind of space-y future funk rap rock shit. At worst, it's a mess. But I'll keep taking my chances.


People left in droves. She seemed intent on snapping at her bandmates - "come on; get going; pick it up". Every song was a loud mush of instruments; even ethereal fugees tunes were rendered into forgettable rock garbage. This band is not tight... And lose the retarded wig and wardrobe for god's sake.


I love Lauryn but I was truly disappointed with tonight's performance. So not interested in a repeat perfomance.

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