Nobodys Hero, To Be Hated, Enough!, M66, and a Dog's Fourth Birthday

photos by Jose Flores
The Guest Of Honor, Doggio
Nobodys Hero, To Be Hated, Enough!, and M66
Saturday, March 19, 2011
Churchill's Pub

Better Than: Ben Weasel's punk rock mess at SXSW the night before.

According to Nobodys Hero's Joe Koontz, "Someone stole one of the urinals from the men's bathroom." He also politely asked, "If you have that, please return it."

Had someone actually returned the missing urinal, we wouldn't have been surprised if they and twelve other show attendees reconected it to the house waterline and got it working smoothly.

Last night's show was a beautiful display of Miami's punk rock scene at its finest. Aside from the hell-raising local music, there was a spirit of community and comradery that makes us really happy to have a place like Churchill's. It's a special place where kids can breakdance as a circle pit thrashes around them. It's a glorious place where anyone can come onstage and be part of the band, even if for just a few seconds.

When we arrived M66 had just started their set and their bare-bones punk rock was in full swing. Their singer, Shelly -- who had just started to recover from a recent throat and ear infection -- belted out aggressive screams and melodies with fury and Seven Year Bitch-style attitude. The rhythm section of Rick and Rictor laid down a raw backbeat for her and guitarist, Nestor, while waving the flag of '77.

For these guys and gal, punk is not dead, never was and never will be. Nor is it a phase or some sort of fashion statement. The same goes for the crowd last night. Everyone, on and off stage, is in it for the love. 

To Be Hated
To Be Hated played a set of deliciously hard, mechanically precise, and maniacally fast punk rock. They flew through a dozen songs and punk styles -- sometimes they sounded like Bad Brains, sometimes like Cocksparrer, sometimes like the Jam and sometimes they sounded like all of them caught up in a massive street brawl. They also played a beefed-up version of Miami punk godfathers Against All Authority's "Walking Revolution" to much of the crowd's delight.

Their lead-guitarist/occasional lead-vocalist, Brick, seemed so positive up there, her red lipstick and smile distracted us from the fact that she was wielding her guitar like a machine gun and spitting out killer riffs by the magazine.

Nobodys Hero
When Nobodys Hero plays, they always deliver a major-league performance. Blame it on the close to 80 collective years they've been hanging around the punk scene. But still, they have somehow managed to step up their game -- every note, drum fill, and chorus was executed perfectly. Even though frontman Koontz said that it was "hard to do cardio at 1:30 at night," their set showed no signs of strain or fatigue.

They ran through the entire set with their signature and beloved aggression, and the crowd mobbed the stage to add to the already powerful gang-vocal choruses. "It kind of feels like I'm hanging with family tonight," Koontz told the crowd. 

Gang initiation

For a bunch of bands singing about isolation, anger, and getting stepped on by the man, the feeling in the air was a joyful one. The punk rock show is a safehouse from the battlefield that is daily life, and the crowd loves and needs this music to survive. Without it, they're fucked. Because of it, they're alive.

"Wait a minute, are we tuned?" asked Enough! bassist Mikey Steel. And frontman Fabio Destroyio said, "I think so." The drummer, Homer, forced them into their first song and they were flung into a set of fast punk blasters.

This band has no time for fucking around. OK, maybe a little time for tasty guitar solos with some synchronized crazy facial expressions by Destroyio. But other than that ... No fucking around! Just brutally speedy songs powered by Homer's spot-on drumming, Steel's pulsating bass, and Destroyio's pitch-perfect vocals. 

Destroyio was extremely happy up there. His band was celebrating the release of their CD, his friends in Nobodys Hero and To Be Hated had new discs too, and his best friend, Doggio, turned four years old. As Doggio, in a bowtie watched from the side of the stage, Destroyio wished him a happy birthday, and told the crowd, "Anyone who loves their dog can relate to me. Everyone else can think I'm crazy!"

Critic's Notebook

Personal Bias: When it comes to local shows, especially punk shows at Churchill's, I'm always focusing on the good things. It just so happens that last night was full of good things.

Random Detail: An angry guy that looked like Pauly D -- blowout, muscle shirt, muscles. he got dragged into the pit by a girl half his size.

Nobodys Hero's Setlist:
-"Effective Aggression"
-"Keep Up The Fight"
-"Wrong Way"
-"La Reformacion Final"
-"Can't Take This"
-"By Your Side"
-"Worldwide Fratricide"
-"Stand United"
-"The Creeps" (Social Distortion Cover)
-"All Fall Down" (AAA Cover)

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Churchill's Pub

5501 NE 2nd Ave., Miami, FL

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