Rachel Goodrich's Homecoming Show at the Stage, March 25

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Rachel Goodrich returns!
Rachel Goodrich
The Stage
March 25, 2011

Better Than: Drinking Jim Beam and getting arrested for kicking and breaking a glass door.

This reporter (and the rest of the world) loves you so much, Rachel Goodrich.

You were born to be a superstar with millions of followers on Twitter. And Rachel baby, when you went up onstage this past Friday night, looked me in the eyes as I stood in the crowd below, held up your drink, and said, "I'm drinking Jim Beam tonight, not Wild Turkey!" I felt the spiritual connection between us. (I had written a blog three months ago which mentioned that Rachel was drinking Wild Turkey brand whiskey at Churchill's Pub.)

"Oh gosh Jason, get ahold of yourself!" whispered my inner voice.

Since Rachel is now a professional performer residing in Hollywood, everyone in the audience probably felt like she was talking to them. The shake-a-billy began. And our modern-day Joan Baez was wearing tight white denim jeans, black sneakers, and a white cotton v-neck t-shirt. She strummed her sunburst Rickenbacker semi-hollow-body electric guitar while she flung her long brown beautiful hair from side to side. Every man in the audience developed a crush. There was a huge smile on her face throughout the entire set as she danced and sang into the microphone.

Her rhythm section kept the tempo upbeat and provided background vocals. It was the Rachel Goodrich power trio: The lady herself, a young female on drums, and an older gentleman with a beard and sunglasses on bass guitar. Between one of the songs, she said, "Miami, I love you so much. It is so great to be here. It is so hot outside." After she said that, the man next to me yelled, "You're hot!" Then the guy next to him yelled out, "The drummer's hot!" Then they high-fived each other.

I am going to be honest and say that I wish Rachel had chosen a different venue for her big homecoming show. That's just my selfish opinion, though. Maybe because I'm used to seeing her perform at Churchill's ... But the vocals really needed to be turned up, we could barely hear her sweet song lyrics. The Stage is one of those temporary Miami-style venues in the Design District that you would hear your mother describe as "funky." The crowd was made up of my fellow thirtysomethings, all very well dressed, the smell of men's cologne filling the air, open button-down shirts exposing hairy chests, slicked back hair, $10 beers.

There was an art gallery opening going on across the street at Spinello's, and there were "reserved" markers on almost all of the tables that were surrounded by comfy couches. It made the music that Rachel was playing seem secondary to something else that was going on. People were on the outside patio drinking and talking so loud that you could barely hear the band. Locos Por Juana played after Rachel Goodrich, but I missed them.

But hey, this was Rachel's homecoming show! Don't let me be a party pooper. Watching Rachel shake her little booty up on the stage as she played "Fire," I just know that she is going to be bigger than Lady Gaga! Rachel represents the people in Miami who love Tiny Tim. Rachel Goodrich has an inner light that shines bright like the sun. After the set, I went over to say hello and give her a gift.

The Crowd: Grown-up frat boys

Overheard in the Crowd: "She popped this big whitehead on my back this morning, brah."

Random Detail: Walking up to the club, I noticed so many little teeny Ziploc bags on the ground. Way more than usual.

Rachel Goodrich's Partial Setlist:
-"Dope Song"
-"Monster Mash"

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The Stage

170 NE 38th St., Miami, FL

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As a music critic you should know better than to stand right at the front of the stage to hear the vocals as from where I was standing I would say your comment "the vocals really needed to be turned up, we could barely hear her sweet song lyrics" is invalid and untrue. Standing where you were, I'm sure there was mainly guitars and drums in the mix you were experiencing. Stand back ten feet and you would have heard Rachel being confidently showcased singing her awesome songs. Come by again to The Stage and I will be happy to give you a guided tour of sweet spots for you to hear your sweet song lyrics. Sorry our awesome crowd doesn't dress to your specifications, but we will keep them just the way they are, and are very happy with and proud of the diversity of Music fans come through our great venue...much love and keep spreading the good vibes...The Sound Guy at The Stage


Rachel Rocks!

Th Stage Rocks!


Rachel was amazing as usual. Her sound seemed to have picked up a punkier edge since she's been LA but it suited her just fine that night. I noticed you talked a lot about the venue itself but I disagree with your assessment. I wish there were more venues like this in Miami. Going to Churchills (which I do often) is fine. It is historic and has it place, is always an adventure (not always the safest) but the truth is as a musician you want your music to cross as many barriers and get to as many ears as possible. While Churchills has its diehards for the most part the general population stays away. A new place like The Stage introduces and exposes artists like Rachel and other artists to a multitude of people from all walks of life. The show was packed and felt like a real concert, everyone was having a blast and singing along. It's bit unfair and snobby of you to discount people because of attire and the fact that some of them have money (I don't). I was drinking four dollar PBR 's all night which sat fine with my liver. Instead of trying to divide the music community you should work at uniting it. Five years ago there was Churchills and Tobacco Road. Now there are a multitude of venues popping up that are providing work for musicians and giving them a place to showcase their art. The Stage should be commended for making such a great venue and a sound system was out of this world like an business the should be allowed to try and make money in the process. (Don't you like to get your pay check every week) Well 'nuff said. I'll be back for Rachel and The Stage will have my vote as best new music venue with plenty of well lit, safe parking. PEace y'all.

Dixie dan
Dixie dan

If I were Rachel, I'd stay as far away from this guy as possible...sounds like a little more than a crush...what are you (s)talking about Jason? The Stage is an awesome place, and the beautiful thing about the venue is that it is filled with all kinds of people, not just the douches you're talking about (that you can find anywhere, except maybe the cesspool they call Churchill's.)


Wow... i didn't realize the sound was so great a Churchill's, Jason.and where's the "comfy couches" at Churchill's that you usually are allowed to sit on?...fyi,,,most beers at The Stage are about 7 bucks....i'm sure the smell of vomit might seem more enticing that cologne,,,but everyonehas their own definition of "funky."


$7 is a bit much for a beer though, no? Especially on the mainland....

Dixie dan
Dixie dan

it's about $7 for the better beers.... if you go to a beer bar, you'll find similar prices.

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