Steve Aoki at Ultra Music Festival 2011 Day Three, March 27

Photo by Ian Witlen
Steve Aoki celebrates by sitting on his gear.
Steve Aoki
Ultra Music Festival's Live Stage
Bicentennial Park
March 27, 2011

Better Than
: A Benihana chef's onion volcano.

If you're a sucker for hibachi like I am, then you probably already knew that Steve Aoki comes from Japanese Steakhouse royalty. His old man, the late Rocky Aoki, founded the popular chain restaurant, Benihana, and Steve's brother, Kevin, owns Doraku.

It turns out many of his fans were unaware of this trivia tidbit; the most common response I heard among the thousands of sweaty, dust-covered bodies at Ultra Music Festival's Live Stage was, "Dude, that's crazy."

Yes, frat boy, crazy like Aoki's hour-long set with the sun setting behind him. So crazy, in fact, he chugged champagne straight from the bottle, shared the bubbly with the first few rows, and even dove off the mo'fucking stage. 

Baller? Douche? You be the judge.

"Yeah, motherfuckers, this is your official wake-up call," he yelled. "Are you ready to hit turbulence?" Cue the beat. 

Check out the security guard hard at work protecting Ultra beat freaks in the next video. 

Game time: Where's Waldo? 

Victor Gonzalez
And can you spot Super Mario? 
Victor Gonzalez
It's me, Mario. Let's go.

​Let loose, girls. 
Aoki Love-1.JPG
Victor Gonzalez

Hey, Steve, how 'bout some champagne for the back?
Aoki Champ.JPG
Victor Gonzalez

Critic's Notebook

The Crowd: Frat bros, sorority sisters, high schoolers, Eighth graders, drug dealers, etc.

Overheard: WOOOOOOOOO!

Partial Set List: 

"Pursuit of Happiness"
"Rob Roy"

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Location Info


Bicentennial Park - CLOSED

1075 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

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