Ten Photo Highlights From Day Three of the Ultra Music Festival 2011

Photo by Ian Witlen
You know it's over when a giant, sexy rabbit shows up.
Yesterday, the great nation of Ultra Land was 150,000 pookie heads strong. And yet today, it's just an enormously empty concrete expanse peppered with mangled pacifiers, rolling tufts of yarn hair, and discarded furry boots.

The DJs have all gone home. The cleanup crews are out. But we're still here, hunkered down in our pile of trash behind the Tower of Ultra, trying to avoid detection while scrawling copious notes on the end of Ultra Music Festival 2011.

It was fun while it lasted, though. And over the course of that third and final day, we guzzled coffee with !!! (Chk Chk Chk), shot the shit with MSTRKRFT, collected our winning bets on the Beatport Awards, assessed Ultra Land's fashion freakouts of 2011, and heralded the waning hours with 12th Planet, Steve Aoki, Crystal Castles, Armin Van Buuren, and Chemical Brothers.

But it's over. See the cut for ten photo highlights from Day Three of the Ultra Music Festival 2011.

See the slideshows from Ultra Music Festival, Day Three -- Part One and Part Two.

Photo by Ian Witlen
Yeah, !!!'s Nic Offer ate microphones and harassed the crowd. It was one of the awesome-est noontime sets at Ultra.

Photo by Ian Witlen

Photo by Ian Witlen

Photo by Ian Witlen

Photo by Ian Witlen

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