Ultra Bingo: Photographer!

SLRs are the new iPods. And whether you have press credentials or not, a detachable lens is the hottest accessory at Ultra Music Festival.

Want to meet girls? Buy a camera. Want to sneak past security and into the photo pit? Buy a camera. Want to sweat your ass off lugging around heavy equipment? Buy a camera.

Point-and-shoots are amateur shit and cell phone cameras are only good for Twitter. You need a Nikon or a Canon, a recognizable brand with tons of neat features and a million megapixels. You want hi-res, high-quality digi prints to have the most authentic Facebook photo album in your social network.

Or maybe you just need that equipment to hide your 60-year-old face from the questionably coherent raver chick you're snapping a picture of near the food tents.

Nonetheless, BINGO!

Yes, this dude might take better pictures than us. But that's because he's got a sweet retirement package that allows him to spend frivolously on the latest gear. He's also got a lifetime of experience.

Victor Gonzalez

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Bicentennial Park - CLOSED

1075 Biscayne Blvd., Miami, FL

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My, you're a jealous little bitch. Somebody put the tampon in the wrong hole this morning?

Catherine E
Catherine E

If you could write half as well as he takes photos you might have a career.... too bad.


Bro seriously... a "Cannon?"


Sorry bro, 72 hours of Ultra coverage weakened my spelling abilities. It's been fixed, thanks.

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