ArtOfficial Crew Releases "Migraine," The New Single and Video Off Its Upcoming Album

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It's kind of strange to say, "ArtOfficial is back."

After all, it seems like this Miami hip-hop act never really lets up. From handing fans gifts in the spirit of the holidays, like the crew did with Fist Fights and Footraces, to the State of the Art party uniting badass local artists and performers, the ArtOfficial's always got something going on. And when these cats do something, they do it big.

Case in point: The brand new single and music vid, "Migraine," which you can check after the jump.

"Migraine" is the first track off ArtOfficial's latest album, Vitamins & Minerals, which is set to drop this summer. As usual, the music courtesy of Keith Cooper, Danny Perez, and Ralf Valencia is jazzy and smooth, and vocalists Logics and Newsense deliver a downright mean flow. And we think you'll agree, this video is frickin' AWESOME!

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