Billboard Latin Music Awards 2011: A Quick Recap Full of Stargazing, LOLZ, and Mr. 305

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Victor Gonzalez
Inside the Latin Billboards
Broadcast live across the globe to 70 countries, the Billboard Latin Music Awards were billed as música Latina's biggest night. Show hosts promised we'd see more stars at the annual gala than we would in the sky. But then again, Miami isn't known as a stargazer's paradise. Bright city lights, and an overcast sky made it damn near impossible to see anything but the Big Dipper. Telemundo was right, there were more stars inside the BankUnited Center on the campus of the University of Miami, than in the sky above Coral Gables.

Each of those said stars made a grand entrance down the red carpet, stopping along the way to blow kisses at fans, chat with E's Michael Yo and Marc Malkin about their designer duds, and schmooze with pop-culture bloggers. Unfortunately, Crossfade didn't hook up with too many of those stars.

We were hoping Pitbull would send an iPhone video shout-out to Miami's favorite music blog, but he walked right past us. We had a great series of questions for Don Omar, but he's impossible to corner. And even though we were the only reporter that requested an interview with T-Pain, the Tallahassee hero broke a red carpet promise to answer our questions after posing for paparazzi pictures.

"Let me do this real quick. I'll be back," he said.

"Don't forget about us, T," we yelled before he walked in front of the international photogs. "We've got a lot to ask you."

T-Pain never came back. We did, however, meet two chaps from the University of Miami's exchange program that were pretty excited to be outside of the Latin Billboards.

"You'd never see this in Australia, on campus," said Australian Jahan Navidi.

"There's no celebrities in Ireland," quipped Irishman Tony Langan.

Navidi and Langan were hoping to sneak past security, and into the arena to watch the magic of television unfold in front of their eyes. "We've got nothing else to do," Navidi said.

"I want to be on that side of the fence," Langan added.

After wrapping the red carpet coverage, it was time for us to find our seats inside Telemundo's temporary TV set. Thankfully, we made it in time for Enrique Iglesias' opening performance, where he brought out Wisin y Yandel for "No Me Digas Que No."

After that sonic orgasm, the audience screamed in pleasure when the Spaniard broke into "Tonight (I'm fucking you)." Iglesias' sweaty performance was the best we'd ever had, and triggered a cigarette break.

By the time we were back in our seats, a few awards had already been given out. Camila, and Prince Royce were earlier recipients, then legendary Mexican singer Jose Jose, and pop sensation Cristian Castro sang a song about love. It was beautiful, and melted everyone's corazon.

Midway through the show, we broke out into serious LOLZ when Camila's performance ended with an angel descending from the rafters and onto a baby grand piano. The angel caressed the band in her furry wings as the shot dramatically faded into a commercial break.

Angel on Camila-1.jpg
Victor Gonzalez iPhone
Wait, is that an angel on a piano? You're ruining the finish!
After the break, there were a few awards here and there, and a pre-recorded tribute by Ricky Martin to Gloria Estefan's humanitarian work.

Don Omar showed up for a performance a little later in the show that included a pre-taped segment with Vin Diesel warning him about cops being on his ass. Omar, using a prop cell phone, heeded his Fast and Furious bro's advice to "get out" before the 5-0 found him.

Naturally, Don Omar ran out into the red carpet area where a team of coppers opened fire on some bad guys. It was close, but Omar escaped arrest, and ran back into the arena to finish his performance with the help of a group of sexy stripper-like female officers. 

Later in the evening, Marc Anthony, performed a song that, as Randy Jackson might say on American Idol, "sounded a little a pitchy." J-Lo, however, would've probably loved it because she loves everything on American Idol.

Anthony's performance wasn't bad, per se. His vocal abilities are incredible, better than most non-Spanish speakers will ever realize. But issues with his earpiece clearly affected the singer's performance. Nonetheless, the entire audience erupted after he sang his last note, forgiving the minor mishaps, and praising his natural talent.

The night came to a close with a performance by hometown bros Jencarlos Canela and Pitbull, and their autotune homie T-Pain. Despite the fact Pitbull walked away empty handed in terms of awards, he killed it last night in front of the live audience, and millions of Latin American viewers. We're finally starting to buy into that Mr. Worldwide nonsense, and happy to call him Miami's brightest star.

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It's Jencarlos, not Jean Carlos Canela... Why would you be covering this event if you're not even familiar with the performers?

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