La Chusmería Continues With the Cuban Interpretation of Rick Ross

Chusma vs. Rick Ross
Yesterday, we brought you a trailblazing (and clearly drunken) Cuban riff on a video by those alternative rock retreads Live.

But the real gem is this dude's take on a Rick Ross song. And it's not for the faint of heart. In the video, el Cubanito rips the glorified ghetto-ness to shreds. I believe this guy could fight a gorilla. Regardless of which, I ask you put the PC (political correctness) on the backburner and get a good laugh from this track that, like the Teflon Don himself, could've only come out of Miami.

Enjoy the video after the jump. And English speakers, go grab the nearest Latino for translating help.

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Juan R. Pollo
Juan R. Pollo

Definitely not PC, but let's hope que sea in good fun.


I spread this to a few people all of which cried of laughter lmao


" yo no soy negro fino, soy negro chusma "Oye, these video was very funny. I like it!


This video had me almost crying! I hadn't laughed so genuinely to a video in a long while! Let the chusmeria continue.

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