Five Awesomest Weed-Smoking Musicians Ever in Honor of 4/20

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Jerry Garcia says: "This shit will make you feel like a rock star!"
We all wanna be rock stars.

But really, the only thing most of us have in common with our favorite famous musicians is an overflowing love of that sweet magic weed known as cannabis sativa. The real rock stars smoke the good stuff, though, and we smoke the cheap shit. They make the music and we listen to it.

Oh well, let's just spark a fatty, play some tunes, and see the cut for the five awesomest weed-smoking musicians of all time.

The Dogg needs his doob.

5. Snoop Dogg
It sounds like science fiction. But it's true ... Snoop Dogg's smoked so much chronic in his lifetime that his body's begun to secrete pure tetrahydrocannabinol. Another strange side-effect: If Snoop poops in the woods, a fully mature female marijuana plant will pop up within days.

Yo, Satchmo ... You high?

4. Louis Armstrong
Ol' Satchmo started smoking weed during Prohibition. While other jazz cats were ordering up poison moonshine, sucking it back, and keeling over into the grave, Armstrong opted for the sticky stuff. He just croaked, "Gimme dat gage," and kept toking till the day he died. Fun fact: Louis's standard weed diet was three fat, cigar-style blunts per day.

Weezy + Weed = Awesomest!

3. Lil Wayne
We'll just let Weezy explain himself ... In poetry: "I am sittin on the clouds/I got smoke coming from my seat/I can play basketball with the moon ... Playin' touch football on Marijuana Street ... Get high, so high that I feel like lying/Down in a cigar/Roll me up & smoke me cause/I feel like dying."

Willie is the senior statesman of cannabis sativa.

2. Willie Nelson
On top of being a public champion for the legalization of marijuana, Willie's a redheaded outlaw with a billion gold records in his garage. Plus, he's one of the only human males alive with the ability to pull off waist-long braids. Dude's basically a country stoner superman.

"Herbs are good for every-ting."

1. Bob Marley
Yeah, Marley is no brainer. But is there any way that Crossfade could honestly name anyone else the King of Weed-Smoking Musicians? Not to mention, his defense of marijuana is probably the finest and simplest example of pothead logic in the recorded history of humankind: "Herbs are good for every-ting."

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WTF!? Wheres Led Zeppellin or GreenDay why all black people?

Matthew Earl
Matthew Earl

Green Gay??? Are you being serious here are you just being an idiot on purpose? Queens of the Stone Age is the best stoner band and then you have Pink Floyd, The Doors, Jimi Hendrix and even Cypress Hill. GFY with the racial crap.

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