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I am not going to sit here and claim to know every goddamned thing about Florida's proud musical tradition. A good case in point was one of the earliest Blast From the Past columns that I performed for these digital pages on Coke. 

And by "perform" I mean the quasi-obsessive ritual that I've been wrapped up in for the past twenty years, ever since I became a citizen of this peninsula, carefully balancing my Hispanic and Arab origins with my burgeoning punk rock/hardcore and jazz/Bossa Nova leanings.

Likewise, it couldn't have been easy for first-generation Cuban-Americans to respect the chaperona rule when out and about on the streets of Miami. But like Rocky Echevarria taught us all in that famed sitcom ¿Qué Pasa, USA?, everything's possible under the South Florida sun. And I am happy as shit to report that since I was welcomed into the open and enthusiastic arms of the Open House culture last year, this way of being has opened my eyes to what a real homegrown music scene is all about.

These were kids just getting their rock on -- caught between the psychedelic sounds of their new country and the decades' strong history of their parents' music. And these ten tracks will get any lame-ass party into some juicy jamoneada con la novia. "Chaucha," "Batuka" and "Juntos" are seriously replay heavy. It's a good beginning-to-end jam that both English and Spanish speakers will enjoy.

Now I won't lie ... Parents were not pleased. But these cats soldiered on because that was (and is) America's promise: You are whatever you set out to be. 

In their case, they emulated the Santana sound that was so savvy at the time, twisting it into what was misguidedly known as "disco." But this shit ain't disco! This is Latin-tinged funk with plenty of psychedelia! Or rather, this is disco before other scenes ruined it.

This is part of something greater.

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Stone Pro
Stone Pro

Open House Fans  - next Saturday April 28th dance to the music of Coke and Mantrap at Elks Lodge 10301 Southwest 72nd Street Miami. The music starts at 8pm. Get there early. Chaps FREE as always!

Stone Promotions
Stone Promotions

The Next Open House is set for Saturday April 28th and will feature Mantrap and Coke (Opus). Mike in the Night and DJ Alex Gutierrez. Don't miss it!!. Elks Lodge 10301 Southwest 72nd Street Miami


This brings me back to my childhood as i bravely went through my big brother's record collection and seeing all these psychedelic covers only to find out, in my adulthood, they where all local bands. My brother sang for a local band in that era and i remember, time and time again, they would do a cover of "Antiques-Tu Me Acostumbraste" so this really strikes up some good memories. I'm super excited to hopefully see Coke soon and i'm glad that some of these bands from that era are reuniting and doing shows for the second generation of fans that where way too young to see them at that time. Kudos to you Abel for acknowledging and bringing forth an era of "Homegrown 305" bands that really should have made it a lot further than they originally did. Maybe now the newer generation can grow to appreciate what is truly "Miami oldschool" and be proud of our heritage and roots...

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