Lil Daggers Leave Livid Records and Self-Release New Debut LP UPDATE

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Officially, April 12 was the street date for local garage-y gang Lil Daggers' debut full-length disc. But so far, no one's seen an actual vinyl copy of the self-titled slab.

As reported in New Times' recent Lil Daggers mini-feature, the album was supposed to be released via Boca Raton-based label Livid Records, the same outfit that handled last year's King Corpse seven-inch EP.

Well, no more ... Yesterday, Chuck Livid posted a quick, curt announcement to, stating: "Lil Daggers and Livid Records have split ways. The self-titled LP will not be released through Livid Records. Good luck to the band on their future endeavours."

This morning, in search of a response, Crossfade spoke with Daggers dude Jacob Israel.

UPDATE: Chuck Livid also contacted us with a response. See the cut for his comments.

"It came to light that the record had just been sent out to press three weeks after the release date," Israel says. "We are unhappy about it and decided it would be best to release it ourselves."

Livid, however, contends that he wasn't solely responsible for the production lag. "Lil Daggers was fully aware of the delay on the LP," he says. "As a matter of fact, as of yesterday, I was still waiting for them to submit the artwork for the LP jackets.

"When I told Jacob that I would have to put the record on hold at the presses," Livid continues, "while we came out with a mutual agreement, he said 'I'll pay you for the records when they get here. If not, eat those 500 and I'll press it myself.'

"When I said I wouldn't agree to get paid later, his ultimatum was, 'You're a dude putting out records from your house. I'm not down with signing anything.'

"Lil Daggers were making deals with other labels for the King Corpse seven-inch without letting me know, which could have jeopardized my agreement with the distributor. I had no problem with the record being released elsewhere, I just wanted to be aware of what they were doing in regards to that record.

"Lil Daggers left because of a licensing issue, they chose to go with a label in Scotland. Livid did not ask of Lil Daggers anything that any other indie label wouldn't have."

In any case, the Daggers have recruited a new label to help handle the domestic release of the band's full-length. "We are going to be releasing it under Limited FanFare Records," Israel says, confirming that the full record will be available on iTunes within three days.

A vinyl edition of the Daggers' debut will also be sent to print tonight. It's set to be a joint release between Miami-based FanFare and the band's own newly established and still unnamed label.

No definitive word on the new street date. But start saving your pennies. It'll be on sale real soon.

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Paula Abdul
Paula Abdul

not to be redundant, but: such a big deal for a mediocre band chasing the heels of the jacuzzi boys

Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell

such a big deal for a mediocre band chasing the heels of the jacuzzi boys

Paula Abdul
Paula Abdul

Im Paula Abdul!! Dick! and also the 2 bands sound nothing alike. Way to go!

Simon Cowell
Simon Cowell

Oh that's right, Lil Daggers have no Garage rock influence and totally hate the 60's. If Jacuzzi Boys were sugar, Lil Daggers would be saccharine.

Lil Daggers
Lil Daggers

^ lulzzzzz ...and we also cause poorly worded negative comments on the internet. Obviously, we're doing something right.

Lil Daggers
Lil Daggers

So we're the one that causes cancer, that's pretty cool actually.

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