The Mexican Super-Ultra-Pointy-Boot Dance! The 21st Century's Newest Dumb Dance Craze

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Protect your eyes!!!
Yesterday, my Crossfade colleague Sean Levisman alerted us to the five dumbest dance styles of the 21st Century. And while daggering and choque are fairly creepy examples of taking sex (and sexual injury) onto the dance floor, I firmly believe that simulated sex is an integral part of breaking it down. Dancers innately know their privates are gonna get jostled.

Now, what happens when you mix dancing with cowboy hats and boots, skinny hipster jeans, excess PVC piping, and copious amounts of Mezcal? Mayhem of the someone's-gonna-get-hurt variety.

While jostling is good and all, losing an eye to the art of dancing is just stupid. Nevertheless, our friends south of the border are working overtime on a new dance craze that'll gouge out your eyes.

Voila! The Mexican Super-Ultra-Pointy-Boot Dance! Dance at your own risk after the jump, thanks to!

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Lelli Kelly Girls Shoes
Lelli Kelly Girls Shoes

This is really crazy. This is the complete implementation of one's own idea and I really appreciate that. I would rather like to try these some time.


Bunch of clowns. LMAO

Lelli Kelly Girls Shoes
Lelli Kelly Girls Shoes

This is something I have never seen before and something I have never seen before always surprise me. I think I like this idea.

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