Take English Classes (Literally) With Girl Talk

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Girl Talk says: "It's English, Baby!"
Did you get the memo, bro? Manic mashup maestro Girl Talk wants to party with Miami ... Two times!

But before we buy our tickets, slip into something uncomfortable, and suck back a six-pack of Red Bull, Mr. Talk would like us all to take a timeout and learn to speak the English language.

That's right, he's teaching classes over at English, Baby!, an online learning-center-slash-social-network. Now see the cut for a two-part video lesson with Mr. Talk on tricky sayings and DJ slang.

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girl talk
girl talk

The walls of a live music venueabsorb a lot of sound during its time, but it’s safe to say that few walls haveever encountered the amount of sound that the Thirsty Hippo did when GreggGillis performed in the tiny Hattiesburg bar last week...... 

Eric the sceptic
Eric the sceptic

So many new words in this engaging ESL lesson! "Sample", "transform", "original", "gray area", "potentially", "fair use", "criteria", "had an issue with it", and "kinda". High school, college, and IEP students should appreciate this "English baby" video!

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