Ten Electronic Dance Music Legends We Wish Had Come to Miami in March

Aphex Twin, if you're reading this, please come to Miami!
WMC and Ultra Week have come and gone.

There were mind-blowingly awesome DJ lineups and there were majorly overrated ones. Sure, March has never disappointed. But there's no denying how bloated and commercial certain chunks of the EDM industry have become.

You'd think the likes of Swedish House Mafia and their ostentatiously over-the-top Masquerade Motel extravaganzas were the be all and end all of electronic music. When in reality, they're just ridiculously overpriced bacchanales for spring breakers.

At any rate, Crossfade's list of ten electronic music demi-gods we wish had come to Miami in March.

1. Aphex Twin
What's left to be said about electronic music's wild genius? The guy lives and produces music inside an old bank vault, drives his own military tank around the countryside, and takes the inspiration for his weird alien soundscapes from LSD and lucid dreaming. Plus, he's just as prone to heavenly beatific ambient works as he is to demonic twisted hardcore breakbeats.


2. 808 State
Manchester outfit 808 State's 1988 album Newbuild was the foundation for not just acid house, but also progressive house, trance, and IDM. Even Aphex Twin has said he still keeps the record in his bag after all these years and recently re-released it on his Rephlex label.


3. A Guy Called Gerald
A relentless visionary and innovator, Manchester producer Gerald Simpson pioneered acid house in the late '80s and continues to push the sonic envelope today with jungle and techno.

4. 4Hero
These UK legends brought drum 'n' bass out of the '90s London underground, turning it into a world-class musical phenomenon imbued with substance, songrcraft and soul.


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shm is the shit. you should say something about david guetta and others but not them. these djs overhere for real, i can do a better job. i hate commercial house and stuff but this is just ridiculous.

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