Will the New Kings of Leon Documentary Suck as Bad as the Band's Last Album?

Photo from Kings of Leon's Myspace
Yeaaaahhh, our movie's on fire!
Lay where you're laying, don't make a sound. The Kings of Leon movie may be coming to your town.

Before KOL was a popular rock quartet, they were just three brothers and a cousin from the small Nashville suburb of Mt. Juliet, Tennessee. They were raised by a Pentecostal preacher and spent a lot time learning 'bout Jesus. They sang church songs, prayed before every meal, and developed that nasty Christian habit of God-fearing.

But then they started smoking cigarettes and listening to rock 'n' roll. When they approached a fork-in-the-road on the righteous path to heaven, they chose hell.

"As soon as I knew we were about to get a record deal, I never slept," says KOL lead singer Caleb Followill in a new documentary, Talihina Sky: The Story of Kings of Leon, about the band. "All night long I knew I was going to hell, and I wasn't going to be a preacher."

Later this month, Talihina Sky will be featured as one of over 50 documentaries at the 2011 Tribeca Film Festival, providing an inside look at Kings of Leon. In 87 minutes worth of home movie, concert, and candid interview footage, you'll watch them fight, get drunk, marry pretty women, and even smoke a little pot.

Sound like a waste of time? If it's anything like the band's last album, Come Around Sundown, it probably will be, unless the film ignores the latter half of KOL's 12-year existence and only focuses the pre-"Sex on Fire" years.

You know, before the band ventured into the world of $225 skinny jeans and $104 bandannas.

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Jack Q.
Jack Q.

I sat through it--and it did!


im a masive kol fan but i have to agrre with th e writer, there first 2 albums were amazing & the 3rd pretty good but started to show where the boys were heading basicly to music hell & main stream chart rock . I`m full of it i hear you say well take these few points on board the first few albums caleb had a uniqe sound to hes voice where you had to really listen to what he was singin, now much clearer. There sound was much more raw not the clean cut produced sound they have now, the gutiar sound on first cpl of albums was much stronger with heavy chords & not all plucking notes. as for the latest album only track 9 no money would have made it on to the first 3 albums and at a push track 4 mary (although it would have sounded more raw and prob better for it) the album is a crack at trying to get a few mainstream tracks out to satisfy the NEW fans and also trying to reconnect with the core fan base i personally think it fails to do both. The last album : was a total change of production values & a more clear sound to sway more towards the mainstream , i love most of this album (exepet sex on fire & use somebody, they may go to hell for these 2 tracks) but its not a typical kings album. Personally i think they need a great album next as they will def go backwards if they produce another poor album as few bands survive 2 bad albums on the bounce. Personally thinkmthe should stop listening to record co`s and producers and go back to there old sound.Mopa !


Victor Gonzalez, I do believe your right ! "Your talking shit"....Go give the KOL album a listen and stop streading propoganda my friend. Even if the album wasnt critically acclaimed, these guys are truly talented....give your head a shake. Better yet, get a lobotomy.

followill fan
followill fan

I agree with Besomebodyking. You are entitled to your opinion, but get an f-ing clue about what you are talking about. you're an idiot.


I don't know what album you heard, but kings of Leon's latest album was Critically acclaimed and on Rolling Stones list of the top albums of 2010. I'm just going to assume you have not heard the album on your favorite top 40s station and therefore claim it to be bad, go buy a drake cd.

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